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Saturday, 7 July 2018

A Biblical Study Goes Horribly Wrong

GAH! Is that in the bible?!?!?

I am asking because I don't know. I've only been through the New Testament (or, almost finished) and I haven't started on the old one yet. The eeeeeeevil jooooos seem really big into circumcision for some reason. From my out house biblical and historical perspective it seems that Jews are odd people. They annoy the living hell out of God, their neighbours and each other. Historically, at one time or another, they have been thrown out of pretty much every country they ever settled in.

I've always been pro-Isreal, and never an anti-Semite. But a couple years ago I started noticing things that didn't add up. The worst, the absolutely chittiest liberals are all Jews. When Mel Gibson dared to notice that a powerful group of moneyed Jews ran Hollywood, he got run out of town by a group of wealthy Jews that pretty much ran Hollywood. And then I see stuff like this. My question is, what's the big deal? A couple elderly people that want to deny the holocaust? So what? If there is nothing to what they're saying, then why the iron fist in dealing with them? How do a couple elderly loons spread hatred anyways? It's a historical fact, a matter of public record, and anyone in his right mind would just laugh at them. But... they are crime thinkers and have to be punished! When I see a kneejerk, emotional reaction like that, I've learned that you take a closer look at the situation, and often you'll find that the guys doing the blustering and screaming are the guys trying to get away with something. There are some really nasty jews doing some really nasty things these days.

Mind you, the same goes for a lot of groups of people right up to and including gun club stubfarts I guess. 


  1. look up 'kazars'.
    when a slavic ruler [eastern europe] long ago told his people that paganism, animism, ancestor worship and all their ilk would be outlawed he gave all his subjects a choice; become Christians or jews.
    the kazari, a marauding tribe, became jewish while everyone else opted for Christianity.
    the kazari influence grew from within and has not ceased to this day, as they intermarried and infiltrated jewish communities.
    if you look at some one like barbra streisand with the close set eyes and horsy face you see kazar genes expressing themselves.
    many of these jews are good and decent observant religious people but there is a strain that emerges which is unpleasant in the extreme.

  2. I have a vague recollection of being taught the foreskin story when I was a kid, at the Grange Hall where we went to church. Does seem a big bizarre....

  3. Glen, the reference you are looking for is First Samuel 18:20-29. It was actually the request of Saul, Israel's first king, who was hoping David would get killed in pursuit of the goal (he set it as the bride price of his daughter. He asked for 100; David overachieved and brought him 200.

    But yes, it is not a typical Vacation Bible School or youth group study...

  4. Germany doesn't have the bill of rights as we in the US of A have it. Speech isn't protected so much as it is permitted.

    That said, I'm with you on this one. Overreaction to something like this is commonly used to cover something else up, and to pacify a group who are looking for a villain to lynch. Yeah, I'd like to know what else is up.

    I do know that much to the chagrin of the Lefties the whole refugee / immigration project isn't working out as planned. The Muslim brotherhood is not assimilating into the general populace as planned. Instead, violent crime has spiked, right along with government expenditures on social programs and a general hatred for Islamic criminals and Islamics in general. Go figure, right?