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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Joe Cat Face Rides Again

Right now the big flap for the social justice warriors in Canada is that they've noticed a YUGE problem on our indian reservations: alarming numbers of native women are turning up dead or going missing. So the liberal morons decided enough was enough! Something HAD to be done!

And they commissioned a study where intrepid gubbimint SJW's would go on the reservations and find out exactly what the hell was going on. And of course, they found out that they couldn't hang this on Whitey, or racism, or any other politically correct whipping boy. The perps were so blatantly obvious, that they couldn't even spin it to make Whitey look like the culprit. Obviously somebody wasn't doing his job properly - and the liberal shill in charge of the truth and reconciliation suddenly tendered his resignation.

Maybe Alberta media celebrity and radio DJ, Joe Cat Face can help our befuddled liberals sort this one out?

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