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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Retard Taxidermy Shop

Recently Wirecutter was bragging about a shot he made on a yodeller - about a mile away or thereabouts - and asked us and our fledgling company to do the honours with the taxidermy. Of course when the other big gun bloggers found out about our new enterprise - they all wanted in too! I have a trophy Dall Sheep from WL Emery, a Cape Buffalo from Kim du Toit, a world record Alaskan moose from Jack, and I think that Boone & Crocket antelope belongs to either ASM or Borepatch. Be patient, men! Good work is worth the wait! In any event - for now, feast your eyes on the fine work we did for WC!

Great work Pete. Nice attention to detail!
WC will be thrilled!

Good work like this doesn't come cheap.
Our clientele is very exclusive and caters only the most discriminating 
of customers. I did that one myself - it embodies
CW's "Stare of the predator" dontchya think?

I'll bet Harold Flashman is glad tat he
didn't do a rug mount with this one, eh?
A full body mount  like this allows you to share your love
of the sport with everyone around you!

If you should happen to luck out in the 2018 hunting season, be sure to look us up for all your taxidermy needs! You won't be sorry! Good luck on the draws boys!


  1. It was a 10 yard shot from the back porch of the old Ice Block Bar. I was on my way to the men's room and heard a strange noise. Turned out to be a moose in rut. Nailed him right in the boiler room with my .45-70 revolver.

  2. That is the worst taxidermy work i have ever seen !!! Wow !!

  3. That third one...whee have I seen it before?