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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

The Theory Of Natural Selection

Evolution is one of those things that was drilled into me as a kid at school. Those stupid, idiotic Christians had some problem with it only because it mocked their invisible friend in the sky! Only an idiot would go against science!

And as an adult, when I actually started questioning these enlightened scientific citizens about evolution - I started finding serious flaws in their methods. Serious scientific flaws they should have seen themselves, and would have addressed if they were supposedly real scientists and intellectually honest. And of course, once you question their integrity you have to question everything else and all their work gets called into question. Scientists, like religious leaders, are nothing without integrity. Have you kicked an environmentalist in the balls today? HAR HAR HAR!

I suppose now there three things ya never discuss in polite company: politics, religion,


  1. that is because science has been squeezed into the politically correct, anti-God mold.
    it is no longer science, it is a religion which is put to political use.

  2. Deborah is hot on the trail. In modern first world country society, science has taken the place of religion. Here's one take on the creation theory.

    Check John 2:1-11. There's a wedding, the party runs out of wine, and at his mother's request Jesus turns about 120 gallons of water into fine wine. When they are served, the comment from the guests is that the host usually serves the best wine first, then when the guests are under the influence, the low quality wine is served.

    Now then. When you make wine, you take crushed up fruit and fruit juice, add yeast, and let it ferment for 5 days or so. You bottle the results, then let it age. Unlike distilled spirits, wine continues to age over time. The older the violin, the sweeter the music is a saying that applies to wine. It has to sit around for a while before it's actually any good, and believe me you can really taste the difference.

    The wine that Jesus made was likely the best vino that any of these people ever had. Clearly it was better than the first wine that was served. The point is that when Jesus made the wine, he made it old; it came out aged. The Lord may have created the world in the same manner - aged.

    This insight was given to me by Pastor Jim Riccitelli.