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Monday, 9 July 2018

The Things Ya See When Ya Don't Have A Rocket Launcher

They're dressed like circus clowns for a reason.
Patriotism with retards like these at the helm of you nation is

Unlike you stupid Americans down south, us enlightened liberals up here in Canukistan don't get worried at all about things like constitutions and supreme courts because apparently it's all about abortion. GAH.

I couldn't name any one of those retards either. But then again, I don't have the faintest clue about our constitution either. Or even our national anthem. When Turdo The Elder brought home our constitution from England, it was a flawed document. Apparently Canada's fwench component in Queerbec needed rights that 'were separate but equal' and the Canadian Constitution degenerated into a liberal shit show from there. The feminists had a go at it, then the queers and then some other special interest groups. Now nobody really knows what it says or cares - least of all, those retards in the clown suits. What in hell are 'separate rights and freedoms' anyway?They even did the same thing to our national anthem: "In all our son's command" was a verse that offended the hairy chested feminists and the queers so it had to go. They had to make part of it fwench to appeal to a part of Canada that largely hates the county. I'm not kidding either, for years Quebec Separation dominated Canadian politics to the point where the rest of us just wished the arseholes would leave. But of course, they needed our money, and politicos needed their votes and they blackmailed the rest of the country for years.

No, the reason Canadians don't flip out about constitutions and supreme court nominations is apathy. Or, in cases like mine - outright contempt. I learned long ago those morons in the clown suits don't give a rat's ass about me, their country, or their culture. I rejected their authority over me and that of the gov't as well. Oh I am a law abiding citizen and a good neighbour, and will respect the rights and freedoms of others as a good Christian and citizen should. But I take pains to exclude those from my life that won't reciprocate. And if they want to get stupid about it, I am prepared to get nasty about it.

How would you Yanks like that in your country? Welp, that is what happens when you let morons have their way with your laws and founding principles. The only difference between the American and Canadian constitutions are the people they apply too. The people that want to screw with your Constitution and courts are doing so because they want to screw with you. In Canada, my province, Alberta, was paying 8 billion dollars a year into our central gov't. We're doing that in the midst of an oil bust and economic recession. Queerbec gets about 8~10 billion dollars a year in compensation from the gubbiment. Most of it gets pissed away with corruption and incompetence but that is how they roll out there. And we pay for it here, and wonder why gas costs $1.50 a litre now.

The fourth of July is over but a note of caution to my American friends: for your constitution to mean anything, you need to be on it 24/7/365 - or clowns like the morons in the pic above will have it, and that will be the end of it. And if things go badly it may be the end of you too.


  1. I see they're dressed like Santa Claus, which is ironic, unless you're one of those receiving free stuff from the government daily.

  2. WAY too many cunned stunts in that picture, Glen! They look like they're on their way to a homosexual pride parade! Yeah; we know what these retards down here are after. They'll probably end up getting it, and will then complain that they got it, somehow blaming it all on us "far-right-wingers." You know; the ones who said to them for decades "You'll be soooorrrryyyy!"

  3. Yep. Prepping is the only way to go. When people like this are in charge, things can only end one way.

  4. saw a joke, maybe on gorges grouse, that the canadian oil is in alberta, saskatchewan, et alia, but all the dipsticks are in ottawa.