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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

The Yank That Stole Christmas

I'm sorry everyone! But I've started reading the mainstream media again because of the entertainment value. The other day some 40+ fat, ugly cat lady was in the nooz bragging that she was old, childless and happy - and why won't you any a you arseholes believe her?!?! HAR HAR HAR!!!

I was going to tell a certain blogger lady that her infatuation
with chickens was misplaced and would be better invested in cats.
I'd scarcely got a word out edgewise when a mass of angry poultry came
after me and I was forced to take to my heels.
All I got from my altruistic efforts was a painful hen pecking.

Today the finks in the Financial Post are deeply concerned that Trump's Trade War is going to RUIN Christmas for everyone. What are you stupid Yanks gonna do when you can't get your cheap Chinese junk from Canada anymore, hmmmmm? You'll be RUINED, that's what! And that eeeeeevil Trump will come crawling into Ottawa, begging Turdo La Doo and his wise liberals for forgiveness, no doubt!

Hmmmm. I think the college kids responsible for this
are probably grads from Uncle Bob's.

… and racists... and sexists... and homophobes.
The Z Man calls it "The Four Bads".

I know I shouldn't enjoy watching the mass media and the left in general losing their minds. Laughing at idiots is all well and good... but these people are seriously deranged and they are becoming more violent as a result. They believe their own bullshit, and those are the most dangerous loons of all. The common Trumpster sentiment is, "Are you tired of winning yet?" to which the answer is always "No!" It's easy to lose sight of the situation amidst the success, the good cheer and rude jokes. But... those people over there on the left? They are festering. I seriously think they want a fight and won't rest until they get one. 


  1. the left is way more dangerous than the rest of us realize.
    the string pullers of the 'liberal', 'progressive' puppets may have caused this surface foolishness to put us off our guard.
    think how you play a fish when angling.

  2. Yes Glen, the destruction of Christmas is mostly our fault. Who knows, we may have to try that whole "The Real Meaning of Christmas" thing...