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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

We Need To Have A National Discussion About BEER

I suppose I shouldn't gloat because the flat, boring Canadian factory beers have only one saving grace over American beers - we put actual alcohol in ours. I laugh at the poseurs who posture as beer authorities and connoisseurs that proudly proclaim Canadian beer superior to those of other countries. Hey, McFly - once ya pasteurize the brew - 99% of the taste and character and charm of any beer goes out the window.

I used to home brew when I was a kid and did it for years and loved it. The summer days were best, where it was blistering hot, and ya just finished the yard work - and it was time for a pail of pale ale. I would put my beer up in those half litre bottles with the wire harness, the rubber seal and ceramic stoppers. I would inhale the first one as fast as I could chug it and then open another. That one would go down at a brisk clip, usually over a cut throat game of horse shoes with the father in law. Then the last one would usually do until supper. Sometimes we would have another then too. Entire fields of rich barley and hopps disappeared down our gullets.

Last week when I thought we were going camping I bought a 40 can pack of Bud. In my younger days that woulda been about right for a long weekend with friends. But now? I bought a 30 can pack of beer at this time last year and I still have 8 cans left of it. Now I have the 40 more to get through too.

Rather than admit that I am an elderly reformed alcoholic - perhaps it would be easier to consider myself a 'prepper'. If they ever drop an H bomb on Aaaaadmontin, or Justin Turdo gets re-elected and it's the end of the world - I will be well positioned to survive the aftermath.

The  best beer is the beer you have. For you Yanks, I hope you are well stocked for your birthday party tomorrow.

Have a great Tuesday.

1 comment:

  1. Glen:
    ---I used to like Molson and Moosehead (but that was back in those 1990s days.
    These days, It's Guinness. or a craft beer.
    As far as American beers go. I still like Yuengling (oldest brewery in the USA - must be doing something right, like having FLAVOR).
    Never was a Bud man, but would have a Miller (back in the 70s) when I wanted to remind myself how a good IMPORT beer tasted (like the departed Whatney's Red barrel).

    Sam Adams does an OK job with certain brews (they make a couple dozen per year).
    Schmidt's brewery (Philly) closed not long after my dad passed I think he kept them in business, but it had a good taste, especially the Tiger Head Ale).

    Nothing seems to be as good as it USED to.

    Roll safe out there.