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Saturday, 1 September 2018

The Saturday Outhouse Psychologist: Women


I wonder how old these guys are. I am not accusing them of immaturity or childishness; a lot of what CH is saying is absolutely true, and seriously needs to be said. One of the biggest crimes of feminism (and there are many more) is that they've turned a large number of young women into sluts, or hags, or socialists. Women definitely DO follow the herd, vie with each other to be part of the 'in' group, and buried deep in the 'monkey brain' strata of their subconscious - their sexual fantasies are every bit as revolting and piggish as those of men. Chivalry demands that we pretend to think otherwise.

One thing I see is a mistake made right across the sexual spectrum in our youth today. They don't understand what the Old World Patriarchy was. They all seem to think it was about men controlling women. The Jezebel feminists think that old world men came home from cushy, overpaid jobs, to a home where he put his feet up and his wife slaved for him after slaving over the household. Guys like CH and Jim and any number of manosphere bloggers think that once we burn down today's politically correct order, we need to re-establish a patriarchy that works like that.

The Old World Patriarchy wasn't like that at all. If Jim and CH and the others of their ilk get there Patriarchy we may as well all move in with the fuggin moslems because when you write off one half of your society's intellectual capital - you are going back to the stone age Bubba.

The Old World Patriarchy was about men and women controlling THEMSELVES. Men and women had the same revolting sexual fantasies, instincts, and subconscious psychological motivators back then but men and women were fully expected to control them or face punishment from their peers. Women took pride in their homes and families. Men took pride in their women and provided for them.

Women HAVE come a long way indeed. The only question that remains today is this: where are they headed?

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  1. It's about pride, patience, and appearance. There is no fault in adopting a monogamous relationship. There is no fault in patiently waiting for wisdom to overcome the youthful demand for instant gratification, and a monogamous relationship builds a bastion against the perils of an uncontrolled society, willing to destroy for the anticipated rebuilding for a "Nirvana" that doesn't exist.

    By today's opinions, there's an "us against them" attitude, when it comes to the sexes. It doesn't really exist for those that understand the importance of the differences. Unfortunately, there are enough without this understanding, and the media loves to place them in the headlines.