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Saturday, 6 October 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

I am not a wealthy man.
But I'm free.

I can't remember if it was Thanksgiving or Christmas. It was 100 light years ago back when our family was still a family - although it was held together by a thread at that point. Things were getting seriously weird at that point. Something was definitely wrong and whatever it was - it was getting worse.

To my ageing baby boomer in-laws, academics were rock stars, and education was high status. Their son was the pride of their family - he went to school and took 7 years to get degree in education (that takes normal people 4 years) - and became the family's pride and joy. And of course, he was a shitlib all the way through. He married a card carrying feminist and they had two children, both of whom had learning/behavioural issues resulting from spooky sounding new-age fake illnesses. At family gatherings we got regaled with their views on politics, the environMINT, and whatever other cause or issue progressive liberals happened to have up their butts at the time. It was murder for a redneck like me to sit and listen to those idiots.

One day, either Christmas or Thanksgiving, they had their in laws over and we all sat down for a family meal. My brother in law's father in law was a bald headed creep with a goatee that was a professor at the university - anthropology if I remember correctly. He was there with his girl friend, his first ex-wife, and his second ex-wife. They were mousey, homely old women that had the air of women that had been through the wringer a few times too many. I felt awkard as hell,  but my in laws thought he was a hero, and that his presence in their home made them heroes too. And of course they started talking politics over dinner and how stupid conservatives and Christians are and I just wanted to get up and leave. But I took their bullchit in silence as I always did because I loved my wife and I loved my daughter, and they loved these people. Didn't want to make a scene, right?

The rest was history. Progressive liberals destroy their own families with their virtue signalling, ropey mouths, chit tests, and so on - and they blame it on everyone else except themselves. I turned my back on them and when they came after me I told my wife that either they go or I do. Personally I did not expect my marriage to hold through that - but amazingly it did.

We were the first sign that the family no longer worked. Inevitably my brother in law divorced his feminist wife with their dysfunctional children and took up with another younger teacher he met. I'm pretty sure his meddling parents had a hand in that too. My daughter became a militant, angry lesbian social justice warrior... but whatever. They're just a fading scenes in the rear view mirror now. There would be no more proper family gatherings for us ever again. Any get-togethers we could have would be, at best, silly parodies of the real thing because family holidays require...families.

I thank my Maker for my wife and offer up my sincerest gratitude. I hope He'll give my former family whatever peace and fulfillment they can find as well. And - I would like to thank you, dear reader - for stopping by.

It's Canadian thanksgiving up here, and you Yanks have my permission to take a long weekend and celebrate it with us - tell The Boss I said it's okay.


  1. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Glen!

  2. God bless you and your wife, and give you health and contentment.

  3. Good to see ya, folks! How are you holding up Deb? I dunno if it helped or not but I threw a few prayers up for you last weekend in church.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Sir. Honestly, I do not wonder but the reason that our family get togethers still go as well as they do is the fact that we are so far apart now and see each other not often, we all make a sincere effort to get along.