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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Just As There Are Only Two Genders...

… there's only two ways to do 9mm



Sigh. Alright!!! As a personal favour to WL - and only because he is an old fart that can't keep up with the modern times like us younger, more handsome men... we might consider one a these:

We got in a fight with some Gruppenfurher and his goons at the Torpedo Club in Paris in 1939. 
WL's bottle of gin went over in the scuffle, he lost his chit and flattened
the lot before I could get any shots in. He helped himself to the officer's sidearm as compensation
for his spilt rotgut.
He's been brandishing that contraption ever since and I swear 
he only does it to annoy me.

Quartermain is admonished in advance to keep his Glock in his pants! Nobody wants to see it, and I swear to gawd, if he drags it out and starts frightening the ladies with it - I'll have him flogged! The 9mm was invented by Eurofaggots to shoot other wanks with, and outside of targets they have no real world application.

The rest a ya's - be smart and sensible. God's calibre, wielded in accordance to the dictates of his saints:

Elegant leather holsters, please, and 7 shot magazines for formal occasions
like BBQs, fishing trips, and football games. I'm sure some of our 
Texan friends can point us in the right direction for good gun leather.

When's the last time YOU have been out at the range?


  1. That 1911 needs some Mammoth Ivory grips for the BBQ. Just sayin'

  2. The Luger needs some red hot ammo or it won't cycle. Nothing really wrong with that, I'm just making an observation. The broom handled Mauser is just flat out cool looking. Again, red hot ammo, and brace yourself when you shoot it, as it's recoil operated. It's also a little 'jumpy' because of the way it's set up.

    I have a Springfield V-16 in .45, thanks. The recoil is like a .38, and you can shoot the hot .45 loads in it. I don't, but it's possible.

  3. Check out Tucker Gun Leather for Texas influenced belts and holsters.