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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

More Gun Nonsense

Part of the reason - most of the reason - I own mouse guns, poodle shooters and black rifles is the kind of a-holes that don't want me to have them. Granted, the vast majority of gun grabbers are just idiots... but more than a few of them are genuinely evil sonsabitches that don't want to have to worry about getting shot for the kind of crap they want to pull. I have no intention of haggling over my right to defend myself from them, their failed social experiments, or the idiots and crooks they vote for.

Having said that - if it weren't for them... I'd probly only have one mouse gun and the rest would be manly hunting rifles or relics.

I love single shots.

A gun like that is fine if you have a Lear jet, an estate in the Highlands and money like WL Emery. I don't even know what that is - a Farqueson, maybe? But at my stage in life right now, outside of two legged critters, my gun needs could all be met with a fine single shots and that's it!

Yesterday over coffee with King Peter we got in a fight over it. He's getting old too, and the dumb chit won't face it. This fall he went down on a sheep hunt and couldn't carry his gear out. High blood pressure. I told him it was time to abdicate the throne, that he has to step aside for the new kings heading up into the mountains … and that his day was over just like mine. He wouldn't have it; he's taking pills, he's dieting and exercising, blah blah blah - hell, he almost has me convinced that he may have another season or two in him. I pray that he does, the mountainsided of the Rockie's eastern slopes are a real bad place to have health issues. If Queen Mary found out she'd have his head. I am sorely tempted to snitch on him but I let myself be sworn to silence on it.

As his self appointed guardian and nuisance doctor I read him the riot act. He has no more than three days on the mountain at a time from here on out, and that's it. He gets 35 lbs. for his pack, and that's it. And - he's gonna need a new sheep rifle. Hell's bells, what kind of idiot goes after sheep with a heavyweight belted magnum? 

King Peter does. Or...did.

Here's my advice for the deadly serious sheep hunter:

No, it isn't a canoe paddle or anchor - it's possibly one a the best guns for the money there is.

These break open single shots are cheap like dirt and horrible to look at. BUT - they are deadly accurate, light, and short! Years ago Skinbag bought one of these for his 12 year old daughter, chambered in 7mm-08. I seriously contemplated stealing it after just a few shots. I have no moral qualms about stealing from bums like Skinbag or Pete F, Jack, or TB but the little lady was a different story. With 140gr Sierras that gun shot soft and straight and she was ringing steel with the big boys. That woulda been one sweet sheep load too. You can put a 24" pipe on one of them and still have a package as short and handy as a Daisy BB gun and just about as light too.

I feel for Peter; it's a tough thing to drop out of the fields and give up the tents, trails and fellowship of the hunting camp. But his eyes are going too, he has reading glasses. When I showed him the rifle on my cell phone, he had to put on glasses to see things up close whereas I have to take them off.

If YOU ever come across one of these fine, economy rifles - don't pass it up like I did.

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  1. They are not horrible to look at. I find them attractive, and the fact that you can't rip off 30 shots in a few seconds means you have to learn to shoot.