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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Things That Go PBBFBFBFBFFT!!! In The Night.

Yesterday I heard a cacophony of cackling and squawking and it set up such a racket, I could hear it all the way up here in Alberta. At first I thought it was just King Charles having a domestic dispute with his harem of hens down in Coopville - but this noise was somehow shriller and more hysterical.

Long story short - the source of the shrieking and screaming was the old hens at The Senior's Retirement Home On The Bayou. And of course, I sat there, HAR-HAR-HARing at the silliness of it and then promptly got sucked into it myself! I found myself in the middle of an old-fart-beat-down: Aesop called me a 'Bagdhad Bob' and I gave him the frowning of his life! Some other old retard was wailing about RC toys being used to fly rebar rods down the gullets of jet engines on passenger liners. Pete linked to a story about ragheads attacking Marines with Tiny Whoops. ISIS has weaponized hobby drones! We are all DOOOMED!!!!

I swapped some good natured insults with the boys and left. Of course we dispensed with this nonsense before in these pages. No - hobby drones are NOT going to be blowing up jet aircraft or dropping bombs on politicians any time soon (shut up Jack!). They don't develop the thrust necessary to lift meaningful loads, and even if they could they wouldn't maneuver with them. There's a reason us hobbyists build with materials like plastic, Styrofoam and balsa wood. My home built Crapcopter drone - one of the bigger, heavy lift hobby drones - couldn't even lift the weight of your standard hand grenade - about .67kg if I remember correctly. There's a reason these hysterical articles appear in rag sheets like the Daily Beast, I suppose.

Interestingly enough though - the boys had a new joke threat to national security this time - long range hobby drones!!!! "They are a clear and present danger!!!" Pete shrieked, "They can go 60km!!! and drop BOMBS!!!!"

No, hobby drones can't operate 60 km's away. Most of the more serious drones that require a standard radio transmitter operate on 2.4GHz and is good for about a kilometer in any direction provided you have line of sight and no obstructions. Most FPV (First Person View) - or video transmitters on hobby drones - operate on 5.8 GHz. I start getting static in my goggles at a couple hundred yards. Some of the cooL kids with patch antennaes and diversity receivers are getting out to the kilometer mark - but they are pushing their equipment right to the limits.

Stay toned - I've ordered some parts, and we will see just what the average hobbyist actually CAN do with these toys. It should be good for a grin.

1 comment:

  1. The voice of sanity.

    I have no idea how much weight a crapcopter can lift, nor do I know how far it can fly while carrying the weight. What I surmise is that:

    1. An expensive hobby drone is able to carry enough drugs to make multiple trips across the border profitable.

    2. The idea of arming a hobby drone has undoubtedly occurred to many terrorists, but is not practical for reasons demonstrated by our Royal Canadian Pain in the Posterior some time ago.

    The only thing I know about drones is that they are cool looking and I'd like to play with one sometime.