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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Tourette's Tuesday

It's been an odd long weekend here at Castello Di La Filthie. For some reason I got into the booze and drank my fill until I was three sheets to the wind. I do it a couple times a year. In spite of a massive hangover I got up on Monday, took the wife out for breakfast and took the dawgz for some extended long range patrol. I managed not to fall down any stairs in spite of reaffirming my reputation as a drunkard.

I seem to have experienced a miracle of sorts. For years I have suffered intense chronic back pain and despite the attentions of a chiroquack it just got worse. For a couple days there it was all I could do to make it round Dawg Island - only a couple of klicks.

And then the pain mysteriously disappeared. My back hasn't felt this good in years. Oh lord, I would love to be able to saddle up with a pack and ramble again like we did when we were kids. I suppose pain that goes away like that can always come back - but for me it was something to celebrate. It reminds a fella to be thankful for small things like just being able to get around.

Whatever it is that has given me this relief - I'll take it! I'll be hitting the trail most of the day today, so y'all take it easy and have a good Tuesday. And - be careful on the stairs.



    Just sayin'. Oh, and that picture is completely full up with Win.

  2. LOL. How’s life treating you and The Queen these days BP?