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Saturday, 6 October 2018


I don't know if you folks are getting it in the US, but up here in Canada our moral and intellectual superiors are bandying the latest catch phrase around at the drop of a hat:


Apparently it's really, really, REALLY bad. Really! But what got me about this latest liberal bogeyman is that they could never seem to pin down why it was so. So I looked it up. Now it all makes sense: us pig-ignernt working people are too stupid to think for ourselves. Without our moral and intellectual superiors telling us what to say and think, who knows what kind of hell on earth folks like you and I can unleash!

They seem to forget something called the internet. With a click of a mouse, I can see exactly what they are implying with their cheesy non-words and buzz phrases they use to try and make themselves look intelligent. Consider - with that same computer mouse I can literally read any scholarly paper or critique, analyze it, and even critique it myself with a carefully considered and fully informed opinion. For all intents and purposes I can derive my own scholarly opinions every bit as valid as theirs and refute them on supportable grounds.

Is there such thing as an intellectual class anymore?


  1. There is, and the intellectual class is as small as it ever was.

    1. Who would that be, Jack? I'm just curious because to me, the days of the wise and thoughtful academic are over. Everyone has the knowledge of the world at their fingertips.