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Friday, 5 October 2018

Wagging The Dog

As I said in a previous post, I was out at The Bayou Henhouse where the cackling old hens were convinced the sky was falling: the rag heads were weaponizing hobby drones and in the near future, Abu-Al Fuknuk Al and Mohammed would be dropping heavy ordnance and fire bombs on hapless innocents at sportsball games and public events. Feathers, turd, and spittle flew as the old cankles imagined drones carrying ready rod and flying them down the gullets of jet engines as they spooled up for take off, or carried biological weapons, or...or...or...!!!!!! Drones are coming! And Hell follows with them...!!!!

Of course it was all BS, but trying to get the old boys to look at facts just made them mad.  The news articles they referenced were so shamefully obviously fake that only an idiot could fall for it. (I shouldn't be so harsh - a couple of the fellas began to think for themselves when I pointed this out). I won't re-hash that battle, but I started thinking and the rotten wood began to smoulder: why is the media doing this smear job on hobby drones?

Everyone knows the media is the propaganda arm for the leftist agenda. They've been running the same smear job on gun owners, Christians, business owners, etc. I understand their motivations for those too: gun owners can defend themselves and their property from Marxist looters and their shills in gubbimint. Happy Christians with good traditional families and communities are offensive to queers, feminists, and atheists that have destroyed their own. Of course - those rotten business guys like Joe The Plumber want to keep the money they earn and not share any of it with welfare slobs and socialists. But why are those guys so afraid of hobby drones that they are running this carefully orchestrated smear job?

The only answer I can come up with is that they are scared spitless of having more eyes in the sky, and inconvenient witnesses looking over their shoulders.

And that is something that should have us ALL worried.

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