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Sunday, 7 October 2018

Yup. I'm Just Broke Right Up About It

HAR HAR HAR! HAR HAR HAR! Oh yeah, my heart bleeds purple piss for the vaginal rage heads and harridans of the lunatic left.

There's a lot of high fiving going on about this and I get it. Every single person involved in that scam should be horsewhipped. They've made a mockery of due process, of the crime of rape, and themselves. At least they were driven back a ways and defeated.

But the point is being missed. The guys that did this know it's wrong, they lied under oath, and they'll do it again. They are going to spin this: rapists, homophobes, fascists, and racists are taking over the gov't! That can be used to escalate and intensify the culture war. I hope I'm wrong, and that the liberals and their hag squads go find some place to curl up and die... but I don't see it. In fact, I can see them using it to justify more violent opposition. For progressive leftists, the moral high ground is very much a social construct.

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