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Saturday, 12 January 2019

A New Year Resolution, Of Sorts

Contentment. That's it. That means changing a bunch of little stuff but other than that, contentment will be my motivator this year.

The last year was a big one for me. I finally managed to bury some bodies that were haunting me for years and living in my head rent free. For me, I didn't grieve - I hated, and that was worse. It took my mind off important things. I stopped flying my planes and crapcopters, I stopped shooting and camping, I stopped fighting senior delinquency with my crime fighting K9's, and I spent a lot of time brooding. I was lost.

Still am, I suppose... But 2018 put a lot of that to rest! I discovered my Maker and got a new foundation and moral compass of sorts. I may still be lost - but at least I know what quadrant I'm in now. So for me, 2019 will be filled with some minor dusting and cleaning. I am going to find fun, but stupid things to do - both near home and further afield. Here is what I am up to today:

This is the perfect project for fathers n' sons - and Special Ed retards like
Yours Truly!
Pete - Jack! Stand by on the fire extinguishers! Quartermain - keep that
first aid kit handy!!!

Yannow, I have one of those super efficient Jet Boil camping stoves but this sucker looks like way more fun. I will keep you posted! As for you all - find something that make YOUR day - and get after it! You're burning day light!!!

And have a good Saturday!


  1. Glen - Contentment is a fine goal. At some point I think we realize that most accomplishments are fleeting (except the ones that truly bring us joy) and that pleasing ourselves (and God) has more value than all the money and all the accolades the world has to offer.

  2. What did Janice sing? "freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose". It ain't easy but you need to let it go.. don't take it with you to the grave.
    Careful with those penny stoves. Alcohol burns clear in daylight. A friend's boy got burned badly a couple years ago. Third degree and skin grafts, and face and arms, when he added fuel to one thinking the flames were out and it all went pear shaped on him.

  3. My brother built one of these, and it works quite well. You have to be very careful with it as alcohol flames can be difficult to see.

  4. Hiked a week in freezing and near freezing temps in October. I used an alcohol stove for all my cooking. Here's the instructions for the one I used. I like it better because it can be made with nothing but a sharp knife (although scissors make it easier)

  5. Well thank for all the input fellas. I really appreciate it. I just slapped mine together and we'll see how it works. I used 5 minute epoxy to hold the two halves together - and now my eyes and nostrils are glued shut! :)