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Friday, 4 January 2019

Burning Meat

The other night I fired up my decrepit fire-pit thing and fried up some meat on these cool industrial skewer my wife got. It was tricky, the fire had to be awful hot to cook, but the weather was a tad under freezing - but it worked out.

This year if circumstances and finances permit, I am getting a new fire pit or BBQ or both. My Traeger bit the big green wiener and crapped out and I am pished right off with it! That thing is only a couple of years old and already it is crapping out. I will look at it in the spring and if it can be repaired I will do it, otherwise I think I might be able to nigger-rig African American engineer a small blacksmith's forge out of it.

Yannow I have all these grandiose plans n' projects but never seem to finish the ones on my plate already. Focus has always been an issue for me.


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