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Friday, 11 January 2019

Filthie Friday F-Tards

This morning I was laying around in bed trying to summon the ambition to haul my arse out of bed - and listening to the latest and greatest podcast from my favourite political blogger - The Z Man! The Z Man Power Hour is like Saturday morning cartoons for sullen, angry conservative retards and intelletuals alike - I heartily recommend it.

Anyhow - my wife (who doesn't particularly like or agree with Z)… well, she LOLLED when Z was talking about that rebuttal speech of Stretch Pelosi and that other democrat dick head in response to Trump's presidential address. Z waxed poetic, comparing those two clowns to brain dead zombies from bad horror shows. The wife laughed and rolled her eyes at Z's antics, and I got mad and gave her the frowning of her life! How dare that contentious woman mock and deride my super heroes?!? The bloody cheek!!!

Now... I'll grant that Z can be pretty caustic and abrasive. But:

Ask yourself this: which pair of clowns did the make-up artists
spend more time on?

And my personal favourite.

Now, I am in no position to slag people for their personal appearance. But it is what it is. If ya look like a clown, and sound like a clown, and embrace stupid politics...? Well... it is what it is, I guess!


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