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Thursday, 10 January 2019

Four Tickets To Hell

A hundred years ago I used to be on this Canadian politics forum and got booted off on a regular basis for my ignorance and wrong opinions. Gawd, it was a non-stop laugh riot. Anyhoo, one a my arch enemies on it once quipped, "Filthie was actually pretty good at animal husbandry - until they caught him at it...'


And that spawned a whole raft of rude jokes and knee slappers that had the ban hammer flying faster than a speeding bullet!  We even had a proto-SJW that we beat on with gay abandon. Back then he was a clown - nowadays, he and guys like him run the corporations, the gubbimint and the schools. And it shows too!

An electric ban hammer from the Pre-Bookface Era.

Of course nowadays the people driving that chit are in charge … and about the only thing that's kinda-sorta on that list above that won't get you mobbed and beaten - would be shagging farm animals! But if you actually show some talent for something, the talentless, marginal morons will get offended and have you burnt at the stake. Nevertheless, these are qualities to strive for, regardless of the temporary insanity so prevalent today.

Hope y'all had a great Thursday! Keep up the good work, it's almost Friday!


  1. That hammer; When I was in the Coast Guard, a common joke to play on the FNG's (Fuckin' New Guys) on the ship was to tell them to go fetch something like "a bucket of steam" or "fifty feet of shoreline." One day, the boatswain's mate told a new boot to get him the "electric-to-pneumatic converter." The newby knew there was no such thing, but he "went below to fetch it." The kid cut the end off an extension cord and an air hose, shoved the bitter end of the cord into the hose, finished with a hose clamp, and took his creation back up to the BM. The BM took one look at the thing... and put the kid in charge of the deck force...

  2. Sorry for the crudeness tonight TB. Working with progressive liberal environmentalists is incredibly trying, sometimes.

    In point of fact, your swabbie's ship probably had more than a few E/I and P/I transducers. I may have to steal the idea for his version and patent it, though. I know more than a few process control gurus and geeks that would be instant fans of such a device... :)