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Sunday, 6 January 2019

Sunday Tempest In A Tea Cup: The Great Retard Food Fight

A retard food fight of biblical proportions has broken out on the internet over the war on drugs.  All the big guns are in on it, pies and manure fly and head shots abound. I am still wiping the mire of my own face - fuggin Aesop!! HAR HAR HAR!!! That boy may be a little slow, but he's faster than me and he has an arm on him. Even Pete The Pastor is flinging it for all he's worth!

The hell of it is that with all the shots being thrown - I haven't seen a single wrong thing said yet. Most of 'em are absolutely right, as far as their arguments go. Oh sure, some of the similarities between the drug issue and other things like booze and gun problems are a bit contrived. BP and ASM are arguing from the vantage point of noble values like personal rights and freedoms and see the problems with drugs as a price tag for those values. They have a point. Aesop argues from the point of view of the ERT guy that has to scrape druggies off the pavement and guardrails, and clean up the mess when addicts go awry and astray. There is no arguing with him, IMHO. The guys that lean to libertarianism are forced back and throw out precedents and legalities - but the truth of it is that there are no precedents for crap like this. The people that founded our countries and our legal system didn't have to worry about stuff like terrorism, abortion, drugs, welfare dependency, or any of the other crippling social ills that get worse for us every day.

It's getting worse - the boys GOT bent right out of shape over it too. The problem is that nowadays, where rights and freedoms are more important than ethics and morals - we have no foundations to deal with crap like this. America's founding fathers (and Canada's) - were Christians. They had a moral code outside the law that allowed them some common ground to start the debates on the issues that divided them in their day. We have nothing. Most of us have thrown out our faith for one reason or another - and for many of us our morals and ethics went with it. So it is that we are faced with asinine problems and we come up with asinine solutions: first it was the queers, then it was the concept of 72 fake genders, and now pedophilia and bestiality are on the table. And it isn't enough for the degenerates that do this kind of crap to be free to do it; it's not enough for you to tolerate it and hold your nose and ignore it - you have to applaud and encourage it. "Whaddya gonna do boys," someone said at one point, "Burn down the village to save it?" Guys - the village is on fire already! That is why Aesop sounds like he does - his ass is on fire and his hair is catching and the flames are getting the better of him right now. We can't run a country like this.

It is my contention that the US Constitution and the Canadian Charter Of Rights are not suicide pacts. They were noble documents written by noble men for other noble men. They will work reasonably well for them too. They will not work for savages, drug addicts, degenerates or certain political and religious sects. For them, our laws are turned on us so they can strike at us and then hide behind them. They need different laws so that we can protect ourselves from them.

As for us - we need the morals and ethics to craft them, and the courage to face the inevitable failures and setbacks as we try to be fair to all concerned. Where are we going to get those?

Welp - that's my face shot off for the day. Thanks for stopping by - and have a great Sunday, eh?


  1. Keep reloading/buying ammo..... we're gonna need it.

  2. I'm with Silvius.

    I read the arguments, and there isn't anything new here. The official 'war on drugs' exists, and it continues to fail. Given the abuse of authority by the U.S. government (Federal, State, Local), the powers that be don't want the war to end. There's money to be made in prolonging the problem.

    One thing that bothers me is that prior to the 20th century, all these things were legal and we, the great unwashed, managed to somehow get on with our lives pretty much okay. What do you suppose changed?

    Government authority changed. Today your property can be seized just because some JBT wants it. Good luck getting it back.

  3. Glen, this touches a bit of a personal nerve with me. My SIL was a drug user for a period of time - fortunately, she found Narcotics Anonymous and has been clean and sober for 15 or so years now.

    Drugs are not a victimless crime. She herself did not kill anyone, did not steal anything, did not threaten anyone - but she and her children are paying a very real price for the 10-15 years that she did do drugs, a cost that I as the tax payer continue to pick up.

    To Aesop's point on the use of technology - yes, we can pinpoint things from space yet somehow we cannot stop the flow of narcotics (or anything else, it seems)? It certainly seems as if we are not in this game to win it.

    Even if we made drugs completely legal, the problems that come along with it would not go away - view videos of places that drugs are legal and see the hopeless and destruction of people's lives. And we would still have to pay (because as someone pointed out, someone would decide we need another government program to cover that as well).

    I cannot make this argument 100%, but I suspect most people that argue for legalization or decriminalization have not seen the actual human cost in their immediate circles.

    1. I'd think that too, TB, but I know a lot of people that have been hurt by drugs, or had others hurt and they will line up with the libertarians on this all the way. A gun blogger I used to follow had a druggie for a brother. Apparently the idiot burned their house down when he was younger and the guy STILL came out in favour of legalizing. He wasn't an idiot either; none of these guys are. I think they just accept the price drugs exact and accept them.

  4. SIL - son in law?

    Pick up a copy of The Cocaine Wars by Paul Eddy, Author, Sabogal Hugo, Author, Sara Walden, With W. W. Norton & Company ISBN 978-0-393-02579-8, 1988. Although it's a bit dated, the book gives a decent account of drug smuggling and the absolutely staggering amounts of money involved. Believe me, if even half the stories in this book are true, the 'War on Drugs' is here to stay. On the government side, just the number of enforcement personnel that would be unemployed and unemployable (background in catching drug runners - yep, there's a big call for that now that drugs are legal) would give any elected official cause for pause. Even the crazyiest of moonbats are smart enough not to monkey with the buzzsaw while its busy cutting wood. On the criminal side, the dent in the economy would be significant. Even drug runners have to live somewhere, they buy things, they tend to give money away.

    One notable character is Luis ("Kojak") Garcia, a shoestore owner who suffered a midlife crises, sold his businesses and went into the transportation industry. He bought a twin engine Cessna and taught himself to fly it with the owner's manual in one hand and a fifth of rum in the other. Modified for long range, he flew shipments of cocaine from South American to the U.S. for years, and his major complaint was with the Bahamas. According to Kojak, when you bribed other officials, they stayed bribed. The Bahamas were different - you couldn't trust the government to stay paid off.

    The 'War on Drugs' was touched off by old Tricky Dick Nixon back in 1971. In 1973, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) replaced the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, just to show everyone that the U.S. government was actually doing something.

    It is now 2019. The U.S. has been funding the War on Drugs for forty eight years, and the problem is getting worse instead of better.

    Allow me to use an analogy. Suppose you own a home, and suppose your roof starts to leak. You hire a repair man, but just as soon as one leak is fixed, another three or four leaks start. Pretty soon you're spending more on fixing the roof than you are on most other expenses, and you're as wet inside as you are when you go outside to play in the rain.

    And it rains all the time.

    How long before you fire this turkey and get someone else?

    1. Duterte in the Phillipines is doing alright. You do drugs and commit crimes there - he kills ya. You sell drugs there - he kills ya. When Obama tried to give him the gears for it - he called Barkie a son of a bitch and told him to mind his own business. Their formerly huge drug problem is going away.

  5. True that, but it isn't the U.S. or Canada.

    United States: 3.8 million square miles, 327 million people, with a bureaucratic republic. Not much is being accomplished in some areas, while the economy shows a marked improvement.

    Philippines: 120,000 square miles, 100 million people, about 7,500 islands, with an unstable democracy. The current Junta is publicly threatening everyone with various forms of capital punishment if they dare to disagree with him. Arguably, he's cleaning the place up (ecology) and is fun to watch.

    I'll believe the drug problem in the Philippines is slowly vanishing, although no one can be absolutely sure about that, but by their own admission over 5,000 people have been executed in their version of the war on drugs. Now that's a war.