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Thursday, 3 January 2019

The Filthie Friday Archeologist

Calling all Retronauts!

This week I've assembled another collection of artifacts from the ancient past that are sure to astound and amaze! This is a scientific symposium (Jack, Pete, please STFU); and if you have any relevant opinions - we are always open to peer review! A-HYUK! A-HYUK! A-HYUK! Now - let's get started!

This looks like some kind of prehistoric communications device.
I've seen them before but disremember where.
Drive ins...?

I may need to consult with professor CW of the Daily Timewaster
on this. I think it is some kind of odd safety razor. 
Dunno what that other junk in the tin is...

A terrific battle was fought here. Were these
the quarters of the victors or the losers?
We may never know!

Our ancestors were resourceful and brilliant.
I wonder how the ladies washed and dried clothes up here in
Alberta in the Before Times?
When there was no electricity?

What in hell is that? It looks like it was designed to produce 
painful accidents and divorces.

That's it for the Friday Archeologist - Now this old fossil has to haul his sorry arse off to work! 

1 comment:

  1. Photo 1: The speaker system for a drive in movie theater. You hooked it to the driver's side window.

    Photo 2: No clue.

    Photo 3: Lockers in the locker room. You put your stuff inside and locked it with a combination lock.

    Photo 4: Clothes line. Suburbia had very few trees, so you would hang you wash on this contraption so as to allow it to dry. Beat a clothes dryer any day.

    Photo 5: The bicycle is called a bone shaker. This little marvel is a bone shaker built for three, the third riding in the cute little crib in the back. No springs or shocks, and difficult to mount, often painful to dismount. Due to the size of the wheel, a little athleticism would make the thing go like hell - but braking could be a bit problematic.