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Saturday, 5 January 2019

Victory Takes Many Forms...

That looks suspiciously like a battle from Nails & Sawdust...

Mind you, the agony of defeat also takes many shapes and forms too...

Errrrr… I hope that's my finger...!!!


  1. I am in fact quite familiar with both those scenarios, my digit damage was however not quite as spectacular or permanent.

  2. Good job, eh, Mike? HAR HAR HAR! That'll wake ya up!

    Ya play with the toys, stuff like this is gonna happen I guess. Once I nearly cut off my middle finger (the one I do 50% of my communicating with) - and it was the darndest thing. I bled all over of course... but Macey, my dog - she tried to corner me and just wanted to lick the wound. She even whined a little bit. I went down and got stitched and when I got home she had licked up all the blood.
    A dawg expert told me that they will do stuff like that as instinct because they don't want the scent of blood tipping off other predators. I had to show her my hands regularly for the next couple of days so that she could assure herself that all was well.

    The rest a ya's should check out that link M provided - be careful in the man cave. Ya never know when Darwin or Murphy might decide to drop in.

    1. I guess I am lucky, I managed to make it nearly 30 years swinging a hammer without any permanent digit damage. Ironically, beyond my own carelessness, in this case it was the damned safety guard on the chopsaw that caused it. Here's the story on that one.
      There is a reason I have slowed down in my old age. Had a staging plank break and I went down 18 feet breaking both ankles back in 86 and I am still paying the price for that one.