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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Friday Retard Road Trip

Morning Everyone!

We're busier n' all get out this morning! We're all headed out into the picturesque but lonely prairies with none other than the intrepid explorer, BW Bandy! I am in charge of preparations for the trip, and have decided to use the power of delegation to make sure everything is ready to rip before we set off on yet another exciting adventure.

M is getting the car ready and torqueing all the lug nuts to my stringent specifications.
Good work, M! Snug 'em all up good and tight!

Dammit and blast!!! Will ya lookit that!!!
They're ALL EMPTY!!!
Way to go BW. Now we'll have to stop at the liquor store on the way out!
MORE delays!
It's a good thing I'm here to catch stuff like this.

SWEET! Quartermain is becoming a star student!
He even dug a nice hole underneath the pooper!
One quibble though, Quartermain. Jack is from Texas and we are Albertans.
That hole's gonna need to be a lot bigger and deeper!

Another glitch! BP I distinctly remember having spec'd a .50 calibre
for this. What's that??? A .308? 
Sheesh. Good help is SO hard to find!

Well we have some challenges to meet before we head out on the Friday open road! You all have a great Happy Friday! 

And don't say anything rotten about us while we're gone!  :)


  1. Honey, I gotta "take the wheel..."

    The gun mount just got added to my to-do list...

    1. Yep. Ya need them in the sun roof and out the back window too. Kinda like they did with the B29's... :)