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Sunday, 26 May 2019

How In The World Did I Miss This

I think it was Deb that introduced me to Harry Flashman's blog. He's only the world's best survivalist; if there ever IS a zombie apocalypse he is prepped to the point where it will probably be a vacation for him. Yet, until Deb pointed him out I'd never seen or heard of him. He's a gunny, a prepper and an accomplished pundit that is worth your time to visit.

I had never heard of The Z Man either until about a year ago. He is the only blogger I can stand on a podcast. He watches the human animal with an objectivity and sense of humour that seems to hold even when the Usual Suspects leave the rest of us spitting with rage and loading our guns. He can comment on and mock their doings in a light, cheerful way that leaves them spitting and gobbing in rage. He's been around forever too but until somebody pointed him out - he could have been on a different planet for all the notice I'd have taken.

I must live under a rock or something.

I have a darn fine blog roll if you ask me. But occasionally I luck out and still find the odd gem in Blogger Forest:

Behold the Adaptive Curmudgeon!

If you enjoy the same type of stuff I do be sure to drop in and check him out. I am going to add him to the blog roll after church and chores later today.

I see you Murkins are off on your Memorial Day weekend. Honour your absent friends and loved ones, but try and have some fun too.

Welp - either me or Mort stinks to high heaven, and given our personal hygiene habits it's probably me so I better go clean up for church.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you all have a great Sunday.


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  1. Thanks for the site. I read a bit of the Adaptive Curmudgeon, and it's a great site.