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Monday, 11 November 2019

Fwench Immersion: Fuck You, Sportsnet

I'm sorry everyone! Pardon my fwench. Looks like Ol' Don got caught noticing the obvious.

Don has said things that he probably should have been fired for - but this is not one of them. Not only should those third world monkeys wear poppies - more than a few of those mudflaps should learn to use soap and water and deodorant too!

As for you f-tards at sportsnet - maybe you can hire some stinky packie   slope headed nine iron   spear chucking oogah boogah a vibrant and diverse personality to replace Don? It's the least ya could do to make the NHL less hatey and more vibrant!!!! Have your people call Gillette's people and see if you can hammer something out!

Have a happy retirement Don. Hockey Night In Little Bangladesh will never be the same.

I wonder which Value Village he shops at?
The man was a fashion giant, that's for sure.


  1. Truly classless that a guy that supported the military as much as he did was fired on Remembrance Day.

    1. Sounds like they are getting egged for it at least, BW. I hope they take a boot to the head for what they've done.