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Monday, 18 November 2019

Wish I Had A Fecesbook Account

Because then I'd spam it with rude jokes until I got punted, HAR HAR HAR!
Some of the tards have made a sport of it and brag about
how much time outs they've been given for inappropriate content.
Wirecutter is in first place last time I looked.

I actually enjoy living out in the void, disconnected from the world. I got thrown out the airlock when my queer daughter came home from university and announced that she and her creepy lesbian love partner would henceforth be in charge of what we could say and think. She disowned us for not bowing down to their leadership and lordship and we haven't seen her since.

I used to lurk at her websites back when I was still a concerned father that didn't know if his daughter were alive or dead... but as the years wore on I saw what she'd become and realized at some point it no longer mattered. In one of her posts, she complained bitterly that my dormant facebook account was spamming hers and inviting her to 'friend me' or some such rot - so I just deleted it altogether. The last person I wanted any dealings with was her and her 'community'.  That was actually a bit of a chore; I had to go searching on how to do it. Like a fatally wounded monster that refuses to die, it kept asking me "Are you SURE you want to delete your account?". I'd click 'yes' and it would come back again: "Warning, by clicking YES, your account will be deleted! Click 'yes' ONLY if you want to delete your account!!!" I think I was at 'Shitfuckyes, delete my fuggin account' before the algorithm finally did it. I don't think it was actually deleted either - on the few occasions I've found myself on Fecesbook it always tells me I can re-start my account with one click of a button. I doubt they deleted my info and more likely archived it. Does Facebook auto-hassle you and yours with friend requests? I've heard of blood feuds started when people block or unfriend each other... and the whole thing strikes me as childish - and I am so sick of that. (Yeah, that's me saying that, HAR HAR HAR!)

And for the record, yes, you godbedamned kikes, dykes, packies, whackies, gooks, spooks, and miscellaneous mystery meat race baiting shitbirds SHOULD be wearing poppies on Remembrance Day.

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