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Thursday, 9 January 2020

A New Perspective

TB decides to take a run at it. Good luck with that TB!!!

I continue to be shocked by unemployment. I used to dabble in minimalism, but changing finances have forced me to go pro. I thought it would be traumatic but things change when ya get old. I don't want things the way I did when I was a kid. And I sure as hell am much more appreciative of what I have.

I pooped in the comments over at TB's with a big long sanctimonious speech about the consumerist rat race, and honour was satisfied and my virtue was signalled.

Then my wife sent me this:

Hmmmm. Maybe I can convince rich guys like M or Phil to put one in the shop, 
and then drop by to test it out!
  Maybe I can borrow some tools while I'm there too!


  1. I bet a good thermos is cheaper, has a larger volume and not to mention less construction debris to strain through your teeth.

  2. Rich guy? Ha, you must have me confused with someone else. I'd never allow shit like that in my garage. Can't you see that POS is for the puffer-metro-by-sexual-Kalifornia-fag-muffin-skiny-twiggy-jeans-wearing crowd. Yea I agree with Judy. A simple Stanley thermos would be a better deal.

  3. Yeah, a Thermos I could do.
    Never was a big Makita fan anyway.
    I do have a brand new, unused, good old fashioned camping percolator I could send your way..... You has my contact info.....

    1. What are you on over there, Phil? I got on the DeWalt wagon decades ago and now my tools are crapping out... and it seems like DeWalt got whored out the same way Black and Decker did. I think the cool kids are going Milwaukee now, aren't they?