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Friday, 3 January 2020

Diamonds In The Cesspool

I am an odd duck at times and readily admit it. As a sales guy I have had to fit in with teams of suits and snooty engineers, and deal with coarse, foul mouthed oilpatch tradesmen, roughnecks and roustabouts too. I can handle the suit and tie crowd, but I admit - the trades guys are way more fun. If one a them chits himself, I'll laugh. I won't hesitate to drop a bomb on them myself, audible or stealthy - and laugh as they choke and retch. I will tell rude jokes and laugh at them - in the right company.

When nobody is looking, I like to go slumming amongst the tards  and turdies of the internet, looking for something to laugh about. I usually just lurk at otherwise objectionable sites, but sometimes I will poop in the comments if there is a yuk or two in it.

In all seriousness, I consider myself a race realist. Race, gender, intelligence and genetics are real, they matter, and they have an impact on how individuals behave. It's laughable to me; otherwise realistic and intelligent people will insist that all men are equal, that we're all the same regardless or race, creed, gender etc ad nauseum... but they'll readily accept that plants and animals have desirable and undesirable traits that are driven by genetics. I just shrug at such people as most of that is mandatory reflex virtue-signalling in today's day and rage. I get egged almost daily for being a racist when in point of fact, I am just noticing the obvious and refusing to believe the ludicrous. My personal belief is that we can acknowledge the realities of gender, sexual perversion and race and all the things that confuse the shit out of liberals - and we can deal with it fairly and justly - which they obviously cannot.

Obligatory warning: The Daily Stormer IS a white supremist site. If you have a coarse sense of humour as I do, the place can be a laff riot. (I personally believe it's also a honey pot for the FBI and law enforcement agencies - but f*** them too! I am not going to let them deprive me of a good rude joke!). But - that article has some really, really good advice for everyone regardless of your politics.

My family (and my wife's) are all pretty much retired gubbimint snivel servants. Like most boomers they did well for themselves, and they think that their material wealth and pensions were all due to their hard work. Only the best people work for the gov't; dirt people have to do the best they can in the private sector. They are entitled to their entitlements because they paid into those entitlements, it's only fair that they get their payout. Although they live in secluded, high end white bread neighbourhoods, they are all for diversity. Their personal experience is carefully limited to only the best behaved and well trained vibrants. Real diversity is for dirt people. Of course they are all on board with other edgy and trendy causes like environmentalism, gun control, and the nanny state - and all the tax hikes that will go along with them. As long as the consequences of their politics were limited to dirt people, of course. All holiday occasions were excellent times for them to display their virtue, share their politis and flash their membership in the clan of Good Whites, and an opportunity to sneer at the lesser dirt people who basically pay their bills. Guys like me, in other words. After my last holiday season with them years ago, my daughter threw one more thing on my load to grit my teeth over. She was a gay social justice warrior and an artiste! I wasn't fit to shine her shoes either. I finally lost my temper with the lot of them, and they with me. I couldn't take it anymore.

And this is where I disagree with the author of the article. Family doesn't mean jack-chit anymore to leftists and chit-libs. They fully expect you to have their backs, for you to tolerate them, for you to give up your rights and freedoms for theirs, and ultimately, your prosperity for theirs. That's a one way street, folks, and guess what: that street doesn't run your way, so screw you, you hater. This holiday behaviour isn't about politics. It's not about family. It's about dominance and contempt. The liberals in my family ran their mouths and waged their petty feuds and when their families ended with estrangement and divorce - they never blame themselves. They're "victims" and everyone is just picking on them and being mean for no reason. In my case, courtesy and tolerance were not reciprocated, and that 'good will to all men' stuff is obsolete. I don't need the drama; if somebody has so much contempt for me that they'll use their lifestyle or politics to try and ruin my holidays... who needs it? Is that article in the Daily Vibrant Hater valid...?

I hope y'all had great, drama free holidays. I also hope ya didn't pick up as much weight as I did!!!

Thanks for stopping in. And don't leave any candies or baking out for some poor vagrant stubfart to gorge himself on!

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