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Monday, 6 January 2020

First Job Interview Of The Year

Welp, the interview seemed to go well. It was with a company that I used to compete with tooth and nail. We were good competition for each other, while it lasted. Then the president of my company retired, the kids took over, a few yappy mutts slipped their leashes with the Old Man gone - and the company went to pot. That was two years ago, when all us senior sales and management guys abandoned ship, almost the same week. The old company has been hiring and firing ever since, trying to replace us. I'll be surprised if they can survive out west much longer.

The competitor I interviewed with this morning was exactly what I wanted our branch in Edmonton to be. They carry stock. They go to the market as partners and team mates to the customer, and they have the facilities and capital to meet their needs and be there for them. Their team is much like me - old, and stupid and happy, but all business when the chips are down. We chatted for about 45 minutes and I toured their shop and asked a few questions and I think I made a good impression. But you know how these things go: right off the bat I am the wrong age, wrong colour, and wrong gender. But then again, I DO have experience, product and industry knowledge... so who knows.

We shall see, of course. Now that the holidays are over and the companies are going back to work, hopefully something breaks soon.


  1. Replies
    1. Hey thanks, Tim.

      Getting that job would be a sweet start to the New Year. But... best not to get my hopes up. Being positive is good, but you have to be realistic too.

  2. If they are looking for someone who knows the game, can hit the ground running, and produce results, they'll hire you. Don't sell yourself short.

  3. "Hi, Mr. Filthie! I'm Sam Shiny, and I'll be conducting your personal interview today. What we've got in mind is a physically handicapped African Canadian female dwarf carpet munching snowflake who identifies as an over-50 white male with toxic masculinity - and it would help if they where a closet gun owner. Do you own any closet guns, by any chance?"