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Friday, 17 January 2020

New Substitute Teacher At Uncle Bob's School For Wayward Retards: Disaster Preparation


If you're like me, and had problems getting your poop in a group when it came to camp tarp management - don't feel bad! Help is on the way, courtesy (as usual) of the Green Bean United States Fuggin Marines With The M16's!!!!! Even if you camp in an RV - having a tarp set up is mighty nice.

The corporal will learn ya everything ya need to know
about lashing down tarps in 5 minutes.

I am one of those guys that has to have a tarp up for camping. In our last family camping trip together 100 years ago I set one up and did it right. I rigged it with ropes and poles and the grandparents threw out TV tables, chairs, nibblies and drinks and were happier than bugs in a rug under there - it kept the rain and the sun off - with room for a table, cards and games. Even in a torrential downpour, we had a fire going and were dry outside.

I dunno if I like paracord or not. The stuff always seems to stretch! Even in mild winds my lashings and hitches loosened. I went to small diameter nylon rope and it was better but not perfect. In any kind of wind tarps can be bears to handle. I like to use rope and wooden dowel type 'cheaters' to tension them up. But - if ya don't have ropes and cheaters... maybe these knots and lashings will get you by? The thing I love about paracord is that it is easy to undo knots and tangles too.

Behave yourselves with Corporal Kelly on YouTube - or you
can deal with his good friend, Corporal Punishment! 
Leave him a thumbs up and send any interested kids or preppers a link to his vids.

And yes - in case you're wondering I am VERY familiar with Corporal Punishment. I try to avoid him and his CO - Major Disaster - if I can. I seem to run into General Direction on the rifle range regularly - usually when I am flying Maggie's drawers. I would have made a good Marine in my youth - but I was too chicken.

Have yourselves an AWESOME Saturday - and practice your knots!  There may be a test later on, and you WILL want to pass it!

I didn't know that hammock camping was a thing back in the 60's
when I was a kid.

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