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Monday, 13 January 2020

Post Cards From Another Era

I wonder what those are? BSA's?
As a kid I was fascinated by the older machines and retro feel
and nostalgia. As an old fart, I am 
deeply grateful for the modern advancements.
I change the oil on my machine, put gas in it and drive.

We're going to be spending most of the week around -30C I guess. Summer is a long ways away at this time a year. The machines get cranky at these temps too. Big Red is parked in his shed, and snowed right in. I won't see him again until the temps recover.

One of the very few joys of unemployment is that after I check out all the boards and sites - I can go back to bed and hibernate the same way Big Red is doing, with some warm dawgs to snore and fart in my sleep with.

Today I will accept the guilt that comes with such pleasure and deal with it.

1 comment:

  1. I believe that's a Norton 16H. The engine is a lunger, 500cc, which is going to make it easy to stall and hard to start. Watching the guys riding, it had to be a light bike, made to travel in all kinds of weather and terrain. What impressed me was that the riders had to learn motorcycle mechanics - which, back then, you needed from time to time.

    I liked watching the guys riding on loose sand, and trying a small hill climb. I was always pretty good at hill climbing, even when I didn't have the bike for it. Rev it up, and that Norton took the hill better than the riders did.

    I'll tell you Glen, we wouldn't have made it in that class. I can just hear it now, "Any fool that thinks they can teach me anything about riding a bike has to be able to out ride me - and you can't, you candy ass would-be biker."

    Then there's the inevitable "Prove it!" and the race is on. Shoot, I'll bet we'd be baggin' practice time until 11 at night - that's Oh-Twenty-three hundred. Ha!Ha!Ha!