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Thursday, 20 February 2020

It Will Only Look Better With Age

My Grandad was a Dough Boy in the trenches of WW1. He passed away back in the 80’s ... but one of the things I will always remember of him were his ghastly arm tattoos. I think the story was that he and his buddies got pished up during some down-time, and hit a seedy tattoo parlour in Fwance... I think I remember one that was a mermaid. They probably weren’t done all that well to begin with. Grampa was very fond of long sleeved shirts, as I recall.

I wonder if a bad tattoo is more bad assed than a good one?

Maybe Raging Abe Simpson had war time tats similar 
to Grampa’s? Maybe they’d look
better with the skin stretched out...?

I wonder what that tat with Donald and Hillary will look like in 50 years!!!!

I am the only man in my family without tats and given my deplorable tastes... that’s prolly a good thing.

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  1. What do you mean by "probably" a good thing? The odds are 90 to one in favor of you, Glen Filthie, never getting a tattoo. And that's in Key West, FL, US of A. I've heard the odds in Tijuana, Mexico are still being calculated on a leased NASA computer.

    I was going to get tattooed once. I wanted two dragons across my chest, and a big snake on one arm and a network of stars on the other arm, with the stars surround a big red heart with 'Mother I Love You!' on it. Then I talked to a tattoo artist at the Michigan State Fair and was told that tattoos involved needles, and that the work I wanted done would take about six months, minimum, and would cost several thousand dollars. Then he told me I had to be 21 to get a tattoo.

    I didn't mind. I was about ten years old at the time and hated needles.

    So no tattoos for me.

    Nor have I ever dated a girl with a tattoo, which is kind of surprising given that I've never been married, and the quality of women I've dated over the years can charitably be described as 'interesting and different'. My ex-Main Lady expressed an idle thought about getting a rose tattooed on her shoulder, but never did. Just as well, I suppose.