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Saturday, 23 May 2020

Saturday Slam: Politics, Religion, And Chinkypox

****This is just me orating, pontificating and bloviating.****
 Faggots, feminists, f-tards, and fwenchmen should probably give this one a miss.
So should anyone else with a sub-triple digit IQ.

This ain't right.
I don't care what anyone says.
I'm glad she's there, I'm glad she's fighting back...
but she shouldn't have to...
not like this anyways.

Regardless of your politics, these press conferences are really nothing more than moronic food fights. These 'concerned journalists' blow me away too. Last week they were doing the same thing, dog piling on the press secretary as they tried to grind her down on the chinkpox … and when it was over, and they thought the cameras had stopped rolling... half of them took off their masks. But putting religion and politics aside, I STILL haven't heard a non-stupid person explain how a cotton mask can stop a virus, and how the pandemic will spread in a church but not in Costco, or the casino, or the restaurants. It's time for these people to stop, and for this lunacy to end.

I think they should do away with the press conferences altogether, and do that up here in Canada too. The politicos, regardless of their party, won't say anything meaningful at them, and the fags and harpies in the mass media will just print what they want anyways. Much as I love the lady and respect the POTUS, the morons in the press actually had a valid question for once: will the president over-ride the governors in states that have politically weaponized the virus to attack their citizens that they don't like, such as gun owners, political dissidents, small business owners, etc? They've pished all over the 1st, 2nd, and 4th amendments so far, and I know what I would like to see Trump do.

And yet, I will concede that Chinkpox is a threat to our older citizens... and there are quite a few at our church so I am okay with the lockdowns on churches for now.

Update: in your face, shitlibs! Gawd I love this guy, and wish he was a leader up here in Canada, where our leaders are cucks and chitty liberal women and vibrants! Well done!!!


  1. Well said. This blog has recently become my favorite along with Feral Irishman.
    I'm tired of reading about the Wuhan panic.

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