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Monday, 1 June 2020

Losing The Revolution Of Rising Expectations

NASA lore has it that on one of the space probe missions, the egg heads were doing a fly-by of one of the gas giants - I think it was Jupiter... with the probe snapping pics as it passed. The first pics that came in were grainy, no resolution at all - and the big kahuna at Mission Control freaks out: "JFC!!! I've seen pizzas that look better than that!"

It turned out to be an easily corrected glitch... but afterwards the tech geeks and hardware guys grumbled amongst themselves. Just getting a signal at all from millions of miles away - light minutes, in fact - was, by itself, a huge accomplishment. To get a miraculously clear and detailed picture was an even greater miracle.

I feel like I am like that contemptuous egghead at Mission Control crapping on his miracle workers... but... this is kids' stuff. I want to see a moon station, and a manned Mars mission on the books. We'd be there now, were it not for being obsessed with a welfare state and political correctness. Our destiny is Out There... not down here, squabbling with dullards that can't be bothered to look after themselves or feed themselves.

Now, if anyone needs me... I will be working my own miracles in getting the lawn mowed and getting my pressure washer up and running.


  1. And no rocket launches from the front yard! ...It ruins the grass...

    1. Usually I am barking at the little chits to stay off my lawn... but rockets are alright. Firecrackers and fireworks are okay too as long as I get to watch...