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Monday, 22 June 2020

Mind Your Own Beeswax

Most city folks don’t see much in bees besides honey. When you hang around creepy black powder gun geeks as I do... guys that cherish and try to live with the old ways ... you start to see what a wonderful thing bees really are. I use beeswax in my bullet lubes and I think the wife and kid used to make wonderful candles from it... but it is also a big component in home made tent and boot waterproofing, and I guess it’s a part of home made salves and wood preservatives too. I’ve heard you could probably even eat it and not worry about toxic effects. (No one would actually do that of course...).

Yesterday I had a couple of the great big fuzzy ones buzzing around me and I don’t know what brought that on. Maybe they liked the smell of my aromatic Father’s Day cigars? Or maybe they wanted to protest my mass murder of the dandelions in the yard? They sounded like B52’s when they flew.

It’s a “damned if ya do/damned if you don’t” proposition: I could almost tolerate dandelions if it meant more bees. But the bees won’t come unless ya have the damned dandelions first!

Hopefully the wife’s flowers will pick up the slack...


  1. Glen, you can eat it. Honeycomb (comb with the honey inside) is a specialty and people pay good money for it.

    1. That is so cool - I know nothing about bees but I have always liked them...