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Tuesday, 30 June 2020

No Excuse For A Gun Like That

I get that a carry gun gets scuffed and beat. But that thing has been neglected, pure and simple. The only reason to keep a gun like that is as a sentimental paperweight, like if it belonged to someone special. Or if it had some collector value.

Otherwise, I’d take that down to a smith for new grips and refinishing or I’d sell it to someone I hated. If this is how you take care of your heater you probably shouldn’t carry one...


  1. Right now that thing is precious and worth its weight in gold. Admittedly it could use some love. Went down to the local Cabelas yesterday to visit with my buddy Norm. The entirety of the handguns available could be displayed in one 6 foot case. A dozen were various iterations of old black power lemon squeezer types in 32 and 38 S&W. Six were the new Ruger Wrangler single action 22 and one weirded out Browning Buckmark with the target grips. The remaining eight were super high end engraved Kymbers nobody can afford. Long guns were mostly higher end waterfowl shotguns and a dozen beat up WW-1 relics. There was no pistol ammo, nor any .223 or 7.62x39. Never saw so many empty cases and shelves.

  2. Back in the early 2000's I got a C&R license and started digging through piles of M48's, M48A's, M48BO's etc. I got one with a turned down bolt handle, drilled for a scope. The proper mounts cost more than the rifle. And the your-a-peein scope with the proper reticle took quite a while to find, too.

    It's a tack driver with the original iron sights, but the doofus that drilled it misaligned the bases and it's a wall hanger with the scope.

    But it is a period correct Bosnian sniper M48. With the Zrak twist off rings.

    That revolver is a Victory model, fore runner of the Model 10. It looks like a service weapon with the USA on it. My guess is Korean war vet or Viet Nam vet. It's been there. It's done that. Friction tape to help a sweaty hand hold it.

    I wouldn't change a thing......

  3. I got the S&W in this story: for an obscenely low price.

    It looks like hell, but it's a shooter!