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Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Religious Monuments Are Too White Now...?

Holy mackerel. Now all statuary and relics that depicts Christ as a white is offensive and has to come down now too.

One of the biggest gifts I got from my new faith is how it approaches anger. By praying on it, it forces you to deconstruct it, deal with it and abandon it. It’s an incredibly difficult and painful process; I am not always successful with it.

Coming from a pozzed, shitlib family as I do, I got my fair share of taunts and goading. When I broke down their behaviour patterns they always went the same way: they mocked the things that I loved, and they made fun of my goals or activities. It’s taken 56 years but I finally got there and figured it out: They didn’t hate those things... they hated me. I tried the ‘eye for an eye’ approach. I ‘turned the other cheek”.  Nothing worked. I finally got smart and walked away... and they hated me all the more for it. They weren’t all that happy with themselves either, but... whatever.

So it goes with the current events I think; bringing down statues and monuments, throwing away your history and ancestry to appease your haters... none of that is going to do any good. If anything, in my experience it just makes them more demanding and contemptuous.

We shall see I suppose.


  1. That's the problem, Glen; you can "walk away from it," but that's not going to stop the continuing and escalating demands from the "social justice league." I've got a shitlib relative. I told her that pretty soon we'd be paying "reparations." She said it'd never happen. She said I was wrong. I reminded her that everything I had predicted, that she poo-poohed over the last twenty years or so, had come to pass, and that she was wrong every time. Somehow though, I'm still wrong...

    I have a problem with people who have enjoyed their freedoms all of their lives, but who somehow feel guilty, and want those freedoms taken from me...

    ...This ain't gonna end well...

  2. Its has nothing to do with religion or race. Its about destroying the establishment and humiliating anyone that's part of it. Because for the last fifty years academia has been run by the hate America hippie dippy patchouli perfume Moonbats of the 60s. And they have indoctrinated generations with the same loathing and hate. And unless enough of us stand up to it it will continue till they tun this place into Mogadishu.