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Friday, 5 June 2020

So... What’s The Play?

Well, the latest neoliberal morality play is in the final acts. The martyr was sacrificed and destroyed by the designated villains: racist whites in general, and racist cops in particular. Their guilt was never in question, but you have to work the crowd with lots of blood dancing, virtue signalling and lofty public rhetoric. It plays well to stupid white people... and the blacks are absolutely charmed with it. The modern neoliberal narrative lets them loot, burn, and attack whites, and pose as both victims and heroes with their stolen flatscreen TV’s and running shoes. Shitlibs get to pose as crusaders and emancipators without any of that icky fighting stuff.

While it has played well to vibrant and diverse stupid people that come in all the frooty colours of the rainbow... the smart people finally seem to be getting wise to it. They’re vapour locked because those awful, awful racists that go round saying blacks are stupid and violent... are laughing at normies that are being victimized by mobs of stupid and violent black people.

The play here, of course, is to paint Trump as a dangerous racist lunatic that gets turfed in the next election. In American nomenclature, NOTHING is worse than being a racist. Even a vacuous geriatric with dementia would be a better leader than a racist Who Is Literally Worse Than Hitler. Who knows? The caper may work for the libs, it always has in the past.

Wrangling a demographic that is prone to stupidity and violence is dangerous business. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the angry, filthy mobs formed outside the CNN building. Those guys have been an integral part of the neoliberal attack on the fabric of our society. It works the same way up here in Canada. In Canada, our niggers are red, but the principle is the same. The neoliberals pander to them and pose as great benefactors, and shower the natives with free food, free housing, free medical, free education and no taxes. The natives take all that and convert it into squalor and poverty and blame white people... and the libs try and focus that hate on conservatives rather than themselves. As the media slobs at CNN found out... it doesn’t always work out that well.

This portrait by a gubbimint subsidized local native artist says it all. 
The First Nation freeloader wet dream is to bum yak white cops and PM’s
for crowds of angry squaws.
Turdo La Doo would probably enjoy it... until
the torturers got serious.
To vibrants... white people are all the same.

These noggers aren’t especially fond of shitlibs either. They will turn on their allies and each other in a heartbeat. Something has to give at some point.

My question is, if this does go hot... and I think it has to at some point at least for Americans ... what does Normie do? I hear some talk about emulating the “roof top Koreans” that shot rioting blacks that came to attack their neighborhoods. But the Leftie states have formalized their intersectionality to a high degree: because Koreans are vibrant and diverse, they’ll be allowed to defend themselves from predators. Will Whitey be allowed to? As we have seen from previous shitlib morality plays involving the righteous shooting of black thugs by white cops... the answer is probably “no”.

So does Normie pick up a gun and head for the hills? Or does he shelter in place and hope he doesn’t get bum-yakked by vibrant degenerates?


  1. The PC culture has pushed white conservative minded people into hiding. We are afraid to say anything to hurt any snowflakes feelings.
    When the SHTF...and conservative white gun owners start fighting back, the leftist media will have the biggest hissy fit ever and throw the usual names at us, but sorry to say, we have to close our ears to it and finish the job until leftist know we ain't putting up with it "no more".
    Never saw combat in my time with the Forces, but I can sure see myself emptying mag after mag into these libtard antifa a$$holes and worrying about possible guilt afterwards.
    Take it easy Glenn.

    1. Rich... pardon my language, but I was sick of these fuckers 20 years ago. I've since thrown diseased liberals out of my circle, because I want nothing to do with them, Rich. Life is just easier without those assholes. There is no nice way to say it.

  2. What's going on with the western Canada push to separate I was reading about last year? To change the subject.

    1. I think westerners have their hands full just trying to get by in all the recent turmoil, Rich. There's just so many bigger fish to fry for us these days. But... I personally would love to part ways with those fart suckers out east. I don't care about them, I have no kinship or commonalities with them. I'd like to see us form up with the US because even Barkie Obutthole was a better leader than these fwench clowns we get running the place.

  3. impeachment - pandemic - race riots

    2020 United States presidential election

    Tuesday, November 3, 2020

    get it?

    1. Absolutely JJ. This is what passes for electioneering these days...

  4. Glen, I prepare and I make plans to weather the storm. After whatever the collapse, the world will need reasonable people.

  5. We will get by. We always have. Illigitamus non carborundun!

  6. bum-yakked? Well, whatever.

    Reading online, the vast majority of white male right-wing conservative racially prejudiced homophobic misogynists who are full of toxic masculinity are talking about the caliber and type of the multiple firearms they own, the quantity of ammunition for each, and the ease with which these firearms can be deployed in defense of home and hearth.

    Over half of these semi-impotent would be bad men have trouble waddling down the basement steps to the auxiliary beer cooler. They own 4x4x4 pickup trucks that get 7 miles to the gallon, and that haven't seen a full tank of fuel since the last truck payment they missed. None of them would be caught dead riding a bicycle.

    This group will be the first to go, and they'll leave right on the heels of the BLM-NBP-NAACP-ANTIFA-Boogaloo crowd - which will have long since abandoned their cause in favor of self-preservation.

    "Wha' chu wan' wid me? Ah'ain' no bee-el-em, nosah, not me. I'se jus' try'nah git mah po' black-ass home, fo' dis shi' storm rain down all ovah me - an' das all."

    For which I can't blame them. Racism exists in the United States. I've been to Brunswick, Georgia and my first thought was that I'd slipped into a time warp and landed in the antebellum south, and that's no joke.

    So where will I go? What will I do?

    I have extra food and water. My car needs an oil change right now, but otherwise it's quite serviceable. I have a bike rack and a bicycle and a back pack. Having done a lot of hiking and hunting in my youth, I know what it's like and how much I can do now.

    I'm not worried about a shoot out with some misguided socially conscious progressive group. One shot and they vanish. What really worries me is the complete lack of organization among the rational, level headed segment of our population who are quietly watching the Circus Maximus develop and making a few strategies to move their functional household somewhere else.

    Yes, I have such a place in mind.

    1. When does racism become common sense and self preservation, Jack? Let's face empirical fact that are matters of public record: if you live in a vibrant and diverse area, you will have vibrant and diverse problems. Like drugs, chimp-outs, arson, gangs, rampant theft, etc etc.

      Our grandparents used to be able to leave a car on the street with the keys in the ignition. They could leave the front door unlocked. Hell, as kids we could stay out and play after dark.

      There is a reason those rich white liberals and jews live in gated communities. You'll never see them living sie by side with their pets… yet this is the future our leaders have in mind for us. I will raise your red necked lard ass with the jacked up 4x4, and raise you 5 families of literally inbred Somali welfare joggers.

      Look at what is happening now, Jack. Every one of those noggers in the riots were well fed and obviously housed. None of them were dying of exposure or typical third world diseases - and yet they're STILL rioting and burning and killing. What do you think those apes are gonna do when the gibs and freebies get cut off because they've run off the merchants, grocers, and medical people? These guys will start to go hunting, and they'll do it in packs as they do in the big cities.

      Running away may not be a viable strategy.

  7. I have a jacked up 4×4 which gets them miles per gallon. You can keep your bicycle and please stay out of my way. Just saying.