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Monday, 1 June 2020

Solving The Race Issue

It's actually quite easy.

Enforce the race equality that the left is always yapping about.

- no, a white racist cop murdering a black man is not grounds for mass rioting and looting. Whitey doesn't loot and riot when blacks kill whites - so f*** off with your virtue signalling.

- if blacks are equal to whites, then treat them the same. Awhile ago some disgruntled whites got together and started chanting and waving tiki torches around. In the ensuing fracas, some people were hurt and the perps got 15 years in prison. Do the same to the blacks, that are murdering and looting and burning and if they don't like it - fuck them, Africa beckons.



  1. Yup Glenn. You make too much sense man. You'll never make it as a liberal or NDP.
    Sorry to say, but I truly believe the only thing that will "fix" this is all out war in the streets between the leftist trash and those that love and protect freedom.
    Hate to see it happen, but I believe it's coming.

  2. I think it is coming too, Rich. This can't end well.

    1. Yah I was in Minneapolis this weekend. Yah I know I shouldn't have been there but I needed to catch a flight home.
      A bad situation which will probably get much worse.