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Monday, 29 June 2020

Vulture Capitalism


So Nike is tanking now.

Yannow my wife and I nearly had a 5 alarm domestic dispute when the frumpy lesbians and cucks at Gillette came out and accused all men of being rapists and to stop it at once. Like millions of other men, I took my perfectly good Gillette razor and patched it in the garbage. F*** them...with a chainsaw! Sideways!!! I told the wife to pick me up a new non-Gillette razor on the next shopping trip and she made a quick absent note, and made her shopping run a couple days later. I came down to loot the snacks and help put the groceries away and see what she’d come home with... and I nearly pooped my pants with RAGE!

She had gotten me another Gillette with a couple years worth of blades! I was furious, but she’d forgotten all about it... and she stocked up because they were on at 50% off. Part of her prepper thing is that now that we have more money to spend, and the smarts to do it right...  when the wife sees a bargain she pounces on it like a predator and not only stocks up, she lays in extra for emergency supplies. I was miffed because ya can’t put a price on honour, and Gillette had insulted the chit out of mine while showing absolutely none themselves ... and deserved to suffer for it. The wife told me to tell her what the price of pragmatism was, and asked how much I was willing to pay - and how?


And now we are being accused of racism by uncle Ben, Aunt Jemima, and a bunch of other products that have ridiculous fake race overtones.

I call bullshit. Look - I am a sales guy. I know my customers, what they like, how to present my product to make them want it, and how to penetrate secondary and tertiary markets from the primary ones. I can tell you with 100% certainty that the sales and marketing guys at these companies are going nuts with this idiotic liberal chitshow... you just don’t destroy decades of successful branding and marketing for a passing social fad. Sure... a few corporations might be stupid enough to fall for this social justice craze ... but all of them...? I repeat: BS! Somebody, somewhere, amongst the layoffs, the diving sales and margins, and the fallout...somebody is benefiting from this. Who?

100 years ago, working my first junior sales job with Lesiure Suit Larry... we worked in the small Alberta branch office and took our marching orders from the head office back in Morontario. And out of nowhere I started getting erratic orders from the managers. The blow back from the customers was immediate and intense. I caught the very hell of it too... the customers were pished, Larry was livid, and I caught flak from head office when the customers flipped us the bird and took their business elsewhere.

“The next time you receive instructions like this, Junior - call me!” Larry roared! He was the senior salesman and it was my pleasure; let somebody else take the heat! The next day I got a list of stuff in our inventory  that I was to bag up and ship back to the head office. This was bread and butter stuff that we needed here to meet market demand. Our customers needed us to have this material here and ready to ship at the drop of a hat. But the big Kahunas out east said it made more sense to ship from Morontario because of logistics. From their perspective... maybe so. But to our customers that meant a one week delivery and that blew us out of the water. Our competitors all stocked locally. I got on the horn and told Larry, and he got on the horn to the idiots out east and gave it to them with both barrels!

He nearly got fired for it. He was not only told to shut his gob and do as he was told, we were given even more loathsome instructions on changes that were sure to infuriate the customers even more!

As soon as he got off the phone, (I was in his office listening in), he turned to me and told me to get resumes prepped because the CEO was going to sell the company. How did he know, I wondered? Not only that, one of the competitors would most likely buy us out, and shut us down to get us and our product out of the market. I got a great job offer a month or two later and bailed out. In the following year it all went down exactly as Larry said. Sometimes the execs undermine their own companies to make them easier to sell. Could this be what the “woke” corporations are doing? It works for the big guns in the boardroom... but everyone else gets it in the shorts. Who are they selling too? And what are the long term effects going to be on the market and people left in it? They don’t care... but we might!

Whatever’s going on... not all is as it appears. Pull my other finger, cause it has bells on it!


  1. Yup, we went through the pretty much the same thing at the place I retired from but it was lay-offs. Any time one of the board of directors wanted to retire and cash in his stock options. We would have massive lay-offs because that would drive up the price of stocks. Didn't make any difference that we were working 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. Invariably at the crew meeting to let us know what was coming, somebody would ask, who was retiring. Of course, the line mangers were stone-faced, but sure enough we would find out who was retiring while we went out the door.

    1. Yep. And they sale into the sunset without a care in the world, or a thought for the people that got them where they are or made sacrifices for them. I got into a "debate" with my parents about this once and they actually defend this feral behaviour - "it's just business. Deal with it..."

      Of course, as long as THEY didn't have to deal with it of course. They were career snivel servants with cushy pensions and bennies and as long as they didn't have to personally deal with the ickier aspects of the new economy - they were just peachy with it.

  2. "Somebody is benefiting from this. Who? are they selling too?"
    My bet is the commie chinks... they crash the market with the chinky flu lockdown... and buy it all up when stocks are down... come to think of it Soros ran the same scheme on the UK a few years back. He bough up enough, sold short, made the market crash and bought it all back at even lower prices.

    1. You could be right, M, but I have a problem with that. The chinks are of course the robber barons of the 21st century. They'll steal anything that isn't nailed down, and as long as a scam or a grift turns a profit - they are all in. They consider deceit and betrayal an artform and many Western countries with a high trust heritage are sitting ducks for them.

      Right now they are leveraged to the hilt. They have entire ghost cities built on speculation and nobody lives in them. They have manipulated their own currency to the point it has been whored right out. When you couple that with their pollution/industrialization problems, their demographic bomb where the next generation will be all males with no females... they are a dead man walking, for all I can see...

    2. Agreed, but not only that. With that many redundant single males they have no problem slaughtering a few million just to impose chink will around the planet.