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Friday, 31 July 2020

Coffee’ll Be Ready In A Jiff

If yer gonna use a ferro rod - get a good one. These little
ones will work but they’re a pain to
work with, especially when your fingers are freezing.
I carry a few Bic lighters instead.

Today I chimped out in rage. Matthews archery puts their proprietary Zebra cables on their bows... and I fuggin HATE them!!! They bend and twist and won’t hold a tune for long. When they twist I lose my peep sight... and that is a rage inducing issue of it’s own. I’d reset it, it would hold a couple days, and start to twist again. Some guys have no problems with Z strings and some hate them even more than I do.

I ordered a high end cable set this morning and spent a pleasant morning harassing the old farts in the pro shop. I should see the new one arrive in around three weeks... right when hunting season starts!!!🤬

The tempo is going to pick up around here as I make ready for opening day. I gotta get my licence and tags, assemble my camping gear, talk to my land owners.... it will be good to walk the trails again, and make my coffee outside.😊

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