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Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Doctor Filthie’s Cure For Chinkypox

***Use this with common sense folks. All medicinals to be washed down with 4 fingers of a premium scotch. Those of you with weaker constitutions can use half a quart of gin if so desired. Plenty of bed rest is also helpful!!!

It’s just the flu!!!


  1. I dont have much,, okay, any, experience with anything on that list except Vitamin C, 1,000 milligrams is a gram,, and 5 grams of vitamin C will send most people to the shitter for a few hours,, 15 grams? In a day? Aww Hayull no,, Two grams is about max,, Unless you build up to gut tolerance, drop back, and hold at a level just below Blowout levels,, then slowly increase, Magnesium, a major element in the detox systems, will do the same thing,Youll be runnin up your toilet paper use,,

  2. Anything can be overdosed, including water. And Justin is right, that's a boatload of vit C. Fortunately, vit C is very hard to overdose, you just piss out what your body can't use.
    Vit D should probably be added to the chinkypox regimen as well.
    Be very careful with lipid (fat) soluble vitamins like A, D, and E. They can be overdosed in short order. And the zinc, while not toxic in itself, can deplete a bodies reserve of copper, another mineral micronutrient.
    I would very much like to obtain some HCQ to stash away just in case. But I don't have any contacts with a black market, and our local docs can only prescribe it for symptomatic cases. There is pressure starting to appear to get the FDA to make it OTC. I don't see that happening anytime soon though.