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Thursday, 23 July 2020



Dear gawd - I'm gonna hurl...!!!

Sorry about that everyone! I am just enjoying some delicious celery seed tea!!! Lookit that diarrhea shaped heap in the strainer.... that is indicative of what this stuff tastes like.

I've always heard that gout goes after idiots that don't eat right. It ticked me off because I just recently decided to try and eat like a responsible adult, and it doesn't seem fair that my foot should swell up s a result. I later learned that it is usually a radical change in diet that brings it on. I used to think the wife's home-remedy celery tea was so much bunk - but it actually works! (Provided, of course, that you can keep it down after you drink it! HAR HAR HAR!!!) It's not so bad if ya hold your nose and slam it in one go and try not to think about it... ulp....

So this morn, I got up super early, stole quietly through the murky night, silently jumped the fence into TB's backyard garden - and pulled up all the celery!!! All while his killer attack rabbit slept on the quietly porch! Where are the seeds in a celery plant anyway...?

Once the swelling goes down, and I can fit my foot back into my boot - I might just knock off Ft. Knox! Hope you guys are having a great day! It's Friday tomorrow!!!


  1. Yeah, I heard a table spoon of apple cider vinegar in water once a week keeps the Uric acid level in check too. PS: It tastes nasty.

  2. Back when I was trying to deal with Hubby's gout two things came up. One, don't try to loose too much weight at one time, about a half pound a week. Your body makes excess uric acid as it burns fat and your kidneys aren't dumping it fast enough. Black cherries helped a lot. I made him a smoothie once a day that had frozen black cherries, half of a lemon and yogurt. Lemon does the same thing as apple cider vinegar and taste better. Unpasteurized yogurt helps the gut bugs.

    Stay on top of it, nobody deserves to suffer like Hubby did or be crippled-up like he was.

  3. Well thanks for chiming in, guys. Trust me - rapid weight loss is off the table this time...

  4. I have been taking a prescription of a combination of probenecid and colchicine for more than 25 years and no longer get gout attacks. The medicine is called Proben/Colch 500/0.5 mg.