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Friday, 24 July 2020

Not My Cereal Anymore...Sob...

I know it’s The Bee...but given that they now have more credibility than CNN,
this one is entirely plausible.

I don’t care how good it was, or about the wonderful prizes inside!!! Fare thee well, Toucan Sam! 😭

Seriously though... screw those guys that are doing this shite. When my daughter came out of the closet and announced that she and her creepy life partner were imposing The Rainbow on the family... and they agreed to it... they all became dead to me. I never watched much professional sports, but if I did? I already have a faith, and won’t have nigolatry shoved down my throat. If you want to take a knee to stupid, violent people that are nothing but problems... they can be your market then. If you have to change the name of your product to appease morons that don’t buy it, and insult those that do? I’ll part roads with those guys too. I’m not wearing a mask either. If some idiot thinks a porous mask will filter out microbial viruses, they can wear their masks and be safe in their own minds and leave me the hell alone.


  1. Almost a month ago, when I was out of town visiting a friend, I encountered a militant masker in the grocery store. I was miffed that the ATM wouldn't read my card, I began to leave. As I was passing this old mask wearing scold, she gave me a piece of her small mind.

    "You're going the wrong way..." she snarled, "And you're not wearing your mask... Shame on you!"

    I am seven months away from 60, and wasn't in the mood to be scolded by a horn rimmed harridan like I was a little child.

    "I am just sick of it!!!" she added.

    "So am I" I interjected.

    She growled something that wasn't audible.

    She went out one exit and I the other. When I was outside, I say her again. I meant to say "We're too old for Halloween..." I think it came out as "You"re too old for Halloween..."

    She looked as though I hurt her feelings.

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  2. Stand up. You might be amazed at the number of people who will stand with you.

    Speak up. If you don't speak, you're giving tacit approval to the harridans, shrews, and harpies who are drowning out the quiet voice of truth and reason.

    Be as intolerant, biased, and discriminatory as you see fit. I've been silent for years, and in many cases I should have spoken up. We have the freedom of speech guaranteed to us.

  3. Yep. I am through pussyfooting around these people. I tell them flat out, "F*ck your sensitivity and f*ck you. You are not imposing your opinions and politics on me, and if you want to get stupid about it, I will make you sorry you tried..."

    It doesn't sit well with them but sometimes you have to look after yourself too.