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Friday, 24 July 2020

Oot And Aboot...

I think a lot of us these days are just getting fed up with the torrent of rage and lunacy coming at us.

I wish I could post it here - I have a bible app and one of the lecturers I’m reading right now talks about “taking control of your thoughts” by trying to purge the more toxic ones. He advocates the removal of the sources of toxicity from your life and I agree. I dunno about you, but for me, giving up twitter and face book was a no brainer... they are rage and hate generators and that’s it. My progressive and pozzed family hurt... oh God, that hurt. But when you step outside The Matrix, and see what they are doing to you and to themselves...? At some point a fella has to look out for himself and just walk away. We live in different worlds and perceive things differently. Take this rude joke I lifted from Gorges Grouse:

You’ve all probably seen this ridiculous little
twat in the news
She’s the mayor of Chicago.
The cops in Chicago call her “Groot”.  😂👍

I watched an OyTube of this greasy little harpy going at it with one of her city’s councilmen. The guy was watching his district getting torn up by rioters and begging for additional police reinforcements. He had arsonists and gangbangers with AK47’s marching through his streets. The she-boon started accusing him of political grandstanding, then of being a hysteric... and then starts dropping F bombs. Long story short, she wasn’t going to do a damn thing to help that neighborhood out.

I just vapour locked. On one hand I know first hand what it’s like to deal with unpleasant and unreasonable lesbians. On the other hand... how do these clowns get into the positions they do? How do they get elected?

If you have the time, The Z Man has a spectacular lecture today about political paradoxes that is almost completely nonpartisan. If you’ve ever wondered how a govt system goes from selecting for merit and ability - to selecting for lunacy, incompetence and stupidity... it’s well worth your time.


  1. Hey did you see the one form Wirecutter today?
    This one should really get you wound up:
    Wait..... WHAT???
    In an effort to help British Columbians navigate intimacy in the time of coronavirus, the BC Centre for Disease Control has issued safe sex guidelines that recommend use of "glory holes." Under the heading "steps to protect yourself during sex," they write "Use barriers, like walls (e.g., glory holes), that allow for sexual contact but prevent close face-to-face contact."

    1. Sounds about right. And these are the people that are in charge of preventing pandemics...

      What're you doing this weekend Mike? Anything good?

    2. Trying to make it through til Monday without loosing any more weight? Hit 174 today. That's ten pounds in since the 9th of July. Have not been able to keep anything in my gut for 5 days straight. Its been hell.

  2. I grew up just outside Chicago. It was a great city that has slowly decayed into the mess it is today.
    Sad that you cannot safely visit.