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Friday, 31 July 2020

World Record Land Whale Harpooned...

... just off the shoals of Twitter. The replies say it all.

Yannow I hear every day about how Twatter is stifling free speech and censoring politics and people they don’t agree with. And this is the blow back, I suppose. I almost feel sorry for her, but when you and your team play dirty, you can’t whine when the other guys do too.

The other thing I don’t get is in all these peaceful protests by brave young chubsters, amazing young protesters and the legions of beautiful marginal protesters... I still haven’t seen one racist. You’d think that with all the kneeling, the protests, the hate crimes... that swastikas were flying off the Whitehouse and that KKK cone heads were hiding behind every tree, ready to jump out and grab innocent nigras. But... no bed sheets or burning crosses, no Fourth Reich, no death squads.

This is the state of systemic racism
in North America today...

1 comment:

  1. She kneels because she'll break the ice if she stands.

    Frikin female intact dog of breeding age.

    As to right-wing death squads, apparently we're so good nobody has noticed they're dead yet. Where are the bodies? They promised that there'd be stacks of bodies after Trump was elected. You mean I wasted my vote for no bodies? Well, I'll just have to be a retard and double down on my right-wing stupidity.