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Thursday, 30 July 2020

You Can Never Go Home

You can only carry it’s memory with you...

I hear Americans often talking about “putting their nation back together” and making it great again. I tend to keep silent or make supportive noises but nowadays... I say very little. I know when people’s hearts are talking and not their heads. But... I personally don’t think those good ol’ days are coming back. I sincerely hope I’m wrong about that. But... given the people and times... it’d be like trying to mend a fractured marriage or family. Once hearts harden and break... it’s all over. Contrary to fairy tales attempts at reconciliation are seldom successful.

We seem to see tough times as endings and the changes as scarey. Maybe it’s my age, or my new found faith... but I see the changes and outcomes ahead... and I see beginnings. And hope.


  1. Glen, I see Civil War II. And it won't be a nice, neat, North/South thing either. I see four or five different countries in the footprint of the former United States. That is, of course, if the Chinese don't come in and scoop up the broken glass to be used for its betterment...

    ...You can't fix stupid...

  2. From your mouth to God's ear. I sure hope so. I don't want to know what evil lurks in the hearts of men. I fear that we will find out, and that our own will be let slip to counter and protect our own...

    I know a bit of what I'm capable of, and that didn't take any thought at all. I shudder to think what would happen if someone I love was hurt.... And I had a few minutes to plan...

    If there is anything I know to be true, it's the veneer of civilization is thinner than gold leaf....

    1. Star, some fights need to be fought. I can't see you guys voting your way or reasoning your way out of what is coming. Some of the people involved literally want to kill you and take your stuff. The others don't know what gender they are, what race they belong to, or have any moral compass. As a result they're miserable and nasty - and they can't blame themselves or take responsibility for themselves... so they blame you. You can't reason with people like that.

  3. We can't put it back together again. We can only move forward (or backward) to a different world, that may have some semblance of what once was.

    Like the people on both sides of the American Civil War who wanted things to go back to what they were. Or after WWI or WWII.

    Same with Canada. It's not been nice watching your country destroy itself over all the inane bullscat that Trudeau is just the representative of the tip of the iceberg.

    Change is coming. Can we survive? Dunno. Can we come out better than we are now? Maybe. Can things be far worse? Duh, we almost lost it during the reign of Barky the Lightbringer.

    Oh, well. It is what it is. Every step into the future is into either a better one, one that is roughly the same, or worse.

    And I hope those leftist moonbats over at 'Just an Earthbound misfit, I.' Can't believe she was a naval officer who swore to protect and defend the Constitution, and then thinks Orangemanbad violates it constantly, and that Barky didn't.

    Stupid twits. I usually don't comment over there because it's like farting in a tornado that just hit a sewage lagoon. It doesn't change things one bit.

    1. Beans, I watch American politics because I can't stand Canadian ones. Our liberals are every bit as stupid as yours (perhaps more so), and our cuckservatives will roll right over for them as long as they get their spot at the trough and their share of the grift.

      The best we can hope for is a peaceful seperation. The problem is that the leftists need us - they can't run their own cities or societies, never mind paying for them. I see this ending only one way...

    2. Yep. I watch y'alls and England's and Australia's politics because what y'all are doing is coming here in 5-10 years. Though we have managed, so far, to not fall into the 'Ban every weapon' thingy y'all and England and Australia have been doing.

      Though we got damned close during the Obama years, and missed it by that much by not electing Hillary. And the commie juggernaut behind Biden is scaring the everloving piss out of me, as it is sure as shit that, for once, the issue of whom the VP candidate is is actually a serious one.

      I just want to be left alone. And they won't give me that grace. Bastards.

  4. Glen, you make an interesting point, one I do not consider enough: there are lots of elements even in the previous "good times" of the last forty years that, if they disappeared, I would not be overwhelmed with sorrow as they depend on a society such as we have built. What would happen if those disappeared as well?

    1. Yep. I just laughed like a loon when - I think it was the Texans - suddenly discovered how little value their kids are getting out of the pubic schools. Record numbers of moms were forced to actually spend time with their own kids by the pandemic... and see what they were actually learning and doing in school. Families re-discovered each other and that is a wonderful thing. Dads found out that throwing ball and BSing with the kids was actually more rewarding than an afternoon on the couch with beer, potato chips and sportzball. There's any number of other net positives too - and they cannot be measured in dollars and cents.

    2. It has been known, even though we spend record amounts of money per student, that the money wasn't going to actually teach the students. It went to build arts magnet schools because we need so many more budding thespians to hand us our fries. It went to the administration section, which bloated to the point there's almost 1 admin puke per teacher. And it went into further funding the socialist agenda being kind of taught in our schools.

      The US school system was broken but fixable when Jimmy Carter started the Department of Education. Since then, only breaking the Department of Education (which the current director seems to be sworn to do, thank God) will allow actual school reform down here in the states. Fortunately the movement to homescooling, internet schooling and charter schooling seems to be the only good thing to come out of the Covidiocracy.

      Parents and students have discovered that 3 hours of 'edumacation' following the school's guidelines allow the students to do between 1 and 2 weeks' worth of school work. Like, oh, say, an especially worked up parent-child team could knock out one semester in a week or two, easily, and the child (and parent) would learn more in that period than all the time in 'real school.'

      The money spent on Big Education could easily go into smaller schools, school choice and homeschooling programs, or not even taken out of the taxpayers' pockets to begin with. All Big Education seems to be anymore is one giant huge jobs program for failed people.

      Seriously, we don't have the smartest people teaching our students. We have people who have trouble passing the 2nd easiest degree program ever. It's actually harder to graduate with a degree in athletics than it is to graduate with an education degree.

      The only easier degree to get? Social Work.


      We give our children to people who can barely pass the 2nd easiest program, and are judged by people who can barely pass the easiest program.

      And we wonder why we're fucked as a society.

    3. Yep. We have about four or five "public educators" in our family. I know exactly what those idiots are like. I hated school teachers as a kid and I hate them even more now. The collapse of the public schools would actually be good for everyone.