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Saturday, 1 August 2020

The Outhouse Historian

Thanks to the fellas at Camp Borepatch, I will soon be a full fledged expert on ancient Rome.

My favourite posts over there come when they talk about the scheming and clashes and power plays of the ancient Romans - and then bring them into the 21st century and apply the lessons learned by our ancestors to the trials and tribulations going on in the present day. There's lots of guys that try to do it, but very few of them do it well. I'm gonna check them all out as time permits. History may not exactly repeat... but it rhymes.

I stumbled across more modern historical fare purely by accident on OyTube - and the source pleasantly surprises. The basement-dwelling gamer community produced a series of wonderful vids to compliment one of their war games about battleships. I am not a gamer so I don't know anything about that - but their little documentaries are a rare treat in these days of yellow journalism, political correctness, and revisionist history.

I love these little mini-vids on OyTube!!!!
Most of these are short, sweet, and can be enjoyed during a slow 
lunch hour or maybe an extended coffee break.

What a time it must have been! Battleships were not mere war machines... they were monuments. When you factor in the Japanese history - they literally went from horseback, swords and feudal Samuri to aircraft carriers and fighter planes in less 50 years! To build a monster like this? Wow. I love that big bronze Chrysanthunum thing on the bow too. What would it be like to stand on the deck of that thing?

Of course, the Yanks had been on the high seas as a world power for 150 years so their monuments might not have been as big - but they were just as effective. I love it when the old vets war game a hypothetical battle between the two heavy weights. Only the gods of war truly know how that would have turned out!

Of course, the battleship was largely obsoleted in WW2 and replaced by the aircraft carrier. Today they're ALL obsolete! With drone and missile capabilities being what they are... the days of heavy metal on the high seas are pretty much over, IMHO. It breaks my heart when I hear the American swabbies complaining about the BS in the New American Navy, and seeing their formerly proud ships rusting and looking like garbage scows.

Maybe all this is a good thing, somehow...

There's all kinds of these fun little documentaries full of voices from a better time, when we were better people... if you have the time.

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