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Sunday, 18 October 2020

Sins Of The Father


Why Is The FBI's Top Child Porn Lawyer Involved In Hunter Biden Laptop Case?

I probably shouldn't open my trap. I develop a split personality on stuff like this, and have mixed feelings. 

Of course, both of the Bidens are corrupt and guilty as hell. Ol' Joe knew what his kid was up to and went along with the financial flubdubbery he was using his son for. He's an accomplice. The old bastard is lying through his teeth when he strikes moral poses, and he doesn't give a hoot about who he has to kill, or how many - all that matters is that he gets his cut. Joe himself has a thing for the ladies and has inappropriately snuggled them right on camera - but when he does it, the lefties just shrug and say "Boys will be boys". Even up here in Canada I have been hearing scuttlebutt about Hunter for years, and this laptop thing is no bombshell. It just confirms what we've all known since forever. For years Joe threw people under the bus, stabbed them in the back, and stuck to the shadows as he lied, thieved and cheated. Politics at that level is literally a den of poisonous vipers, and Joe had to be one of the biggest and meanest  and most cunning to survive, never mind rising to leadership. And now he has to watch his son torn to shreds by the mob and will be damned lucky if he isn't tarred and feathered and set on fire himself. Parents are judged by their children.

On the other hand, my daughter is a sexual degenerate and pretty much a write-off too. Joe and I are in the same boat, the only differences are the matter of degree (obviously) and the way we failed as parents. When you raise kids, you have to strike a balance between mercy and justice. The just parent never makes threats to their kids; the rules are black and white and they are always enforced. You do crime 'x', you draw punishment 'y'. Every single time, no exceptions. And that was exactly what I did. Actions have consequences; I grounded my daughter when she screwed up, I got out the wooden spoon when she asked for it, and I seriously would have gotten out the strap or even the horsewhip if she insisted on it. (Fortunately she was smarter than that). I was not going to have my kid turn into a Hunter Biden. The problem was that there is no room for mercy in justice. Kids will screw the pooch just like adults will; and if you don't show occasional mercy when they do... they tend to rebel when they get the opportunity. Do not ask how I know this.

The flip side of that one is the merciful parent. They don't want to spank their kids or punish them at all, they just want to love them and be their best friends. I suspect that is the kind of father Joe was; he overlooked infractions, he didn't set limits, he just wanted his son to love him. And as that went on, Hunter got wilder and wilder, and his father's love and protection only fed his demons. Kids learn to ignore overly indulgent parents. I won't be surprised one bit if Hunter destroys not only himself, but his dad as well. Of course I don't know the full score of what went on in that family and never will... but I will bet dollars to donuts that I am close to the mark on this.

If I could advise Joe, I would tell him to step out of the election race, walk away from the lunacy and  his son, find a place to live out his remaining years in some kind of peace - and try and make himself right with his Maker because he will be meeting Him sooner rather than later. But that's free advice, and ya know what they say about that. It's worked for me, so I'll leave it at that.

We live in truly evil times, and those forces are at work not only on you, but on YOUR KIDS right now. Keep 'em close, and steer 'em right if you can.

Have a great Sunday, and thanks for stopping in.


  1. One reason I never married and have no children - you have to raise 'em. You'd think that once they turned 30 or so, they wouldn't need you for much of anything except babysitting. Not so.

    I've seen fathers get phone calls from their kids about helping them move, fixing a major appliance, and Heaven help us all - a payday loan or two.

    One man I know has been spanking his kids a bit too often, and in one case, too severely. He's a real brawler, but I'm wondering just what will happen once his kids leave home. Once you're out, you're free to tell the old man to stay away, and the law will back you up.

  2. Being a proper father in a shitlib family is pretty much impossible, WL. They tend to put women in charge of it, and when they do, the outcome is sons like Hunter. Daughters fare even worse. I was fortunate. My father insisted on doing his job in our family, and he made it clear the libs better not mess with him when he did it. By the time I stepped into the role, the culture war had fathers in full retreat. Today, real fatherhood is pretty much illegal. A lot of grey hairs and lifelong Christians don’t realize how bad it is out there right now...

  3. “ If I could advise Joe, I would tell him to step out of the election race, walk away from the lunacy and his son, find a place to live out his remaining years in some kind of peace - and try and make himself right with his Maker because he will be meeting Him sooner rather than later.”

    You are a nicer person than I because Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, James Biden, Jill Biden, et al are horrible, traitorous people who deserve no quarter for selling out my country.

    Biden lied throughout his education, he lied about his education, he lied about his family background, he stole Neil Kinnock’s family history. He lied about his wife and daughter’s deaths and rode into congress on that lie, which he continued for decades until he was sued into halting that lie. He has flogged his family’s tragedies in order to continue his corrupt congressional career, citing yet another lie about Beau’s “final words” (RBG anyone?)

    Hunter Biden grew up in his brother’s shadow and (probably) had to deal with being compared with his first-bone brother and sister’s ghost - it’s a tough position but millions of people have had worse circumstances. That Hunter turned to drugs is understandable (not justifiable) in order to deal with the terrible loss of security at such a young age and I get why he has acted out all these years; however, that does not excuse his avaricious, predatory nature and it sucks for him that he finally blew a fuse which will surely lead to some form of confinement.

    Do I judge the Biden’s? Yes, I do; I judge them and find them lacking any moral character as the entire viperous, pernicious, internecine, traitorous family could very well be my country’s downfall. I pray God has mercy on their souls because I am telling you right here and now that I cannot.